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Breast Augmentation Gone Awry staff report

If your own photo album is any clue, wedding pictures can last for decades. In any event, pictures from the big day are prominently displayed in living rooms, more people are seeking cosmetic surgery procedures before nuptials offices and dorms and mailed all over the world. Wedding pictures are handed down to children and other relatives and viewed by generation after generation. So, who among us would not like to look our best in those pictures?

Increasingly, that often involves a surgeon’s knife for some cosmetic procedure to enhance nature’s gifts.

But in a few cases, that hand is not too steady and the results are less than perfect. In a very few cases, the results are worse than what nature first provided.

For instance, when Emily Cannon, a real estate sales assistant in Danville, California, saw how pleased a friend was with the results of her face lift, she, Emily, started thinking seriously about a notion she had long carried in the back of her mind.

“I had always been an A cup and had thought about getting breast augmentation to a B or maybe even a C cup,” says Emily.

So she made an appointment with her friend’s surgeon because his office had done many breast enhancements.

“Because I only stand five-foot-three and weigh 98 pounds, the physician was careful in suggesting implants because I am small boned so the implant shouldn’t be too big,” Emily says. “Otherwise, it would look like a grapefruit stuck onto an orange crate.”

Emily went ahead with the procedure and was pleased with her enhanced bosom. But for only three months. Then, some of the muscles attached to her sternum and ribs pulled loose and allowed the two implants to roll together. Moreover, her nipples pointed at her armpits. While Emily Symastia was not in pain, she was beside herself emotionally because there was no way she could fit into a wedding dress with her implants sitting together under her skin. She visited several plastic surgeons – including the one who did the surgery -- but all said nothing could be done.

“If you wanted to be cruel, you would call the appearance of Emily’s bosom a ‘uniboob’,” says Stephen J. Ronan, M.D., the surgeon who undertook the difficult, time-consuming operation to repair the unusual condition which doctors know as “Symastia.”

“Not only have many cosmetic surgeons never seen a case of Symastia, they have never heard of it,” says Dr. Ronan.

But Emily’s wedding to Jeff, a Marine Corp Lance corporal, was fairly well carved into stone because he could be shipped out. And a stylish wedding gown remained out of the question.

When Emily consulted Dr. Ronan, she learned he not only knew about Symastia, he had repaired several cases in Virginia.

“I looked at pictures of Dr. Ronan’s other repair operations and learned I could either have the muscles sewed down to the bone or have the implants removed,” Emily recalls. “I opted for the muscle repair.”

It was a long operation and she had to wear a compression garment 24 hours daily for three months but she healed nicely, with her bosom looking normal once more.

Emily says her mistake was not doing enough homework before going under the knife with the first surgeon. She should have looked at several doctors’ breast augmentation before-and-after pictures and perhaps asked for a patient referral or two.

“The first doctor sounded so fantastic due to his many connections, I didn’t research anything else.

“I’m now sharing such a personal story and allowing my pictures to be seen so I can help others avoid the same mistake,” she says.

For her big day, Emily chose a strapless dress and was married to her Marine in an outdoor ceremony at Danville’s Blackhawk square with a reception for 300 inside a nearby museum.

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