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Recent Books about Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

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Recent Books about Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Even in the electronic age, people are still buying and reading books.

Maybe the attraction is carrying somebody else’s thoughts to a private, comfortable place, away from the endless stretches of the information highway that ordinarily consume so much of our time.

Whatever the reason, among the quarter million non-fiction books printed yearly are a good thirty to forty pounds of books about plastic surgery. Below, we have looked over some of the latest tomes on all areas of rejuvenation surgery and note which may be worth your while.

"America’s Cosmetic Doctors & Dentists"
By Wendy Lewis and John J. Connolly, Ed.D.
Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. Publishing, New York, N.Y.

Every spring, the ring of the two most dreaded words in the English language – bathing suit -- echoes through everybody’s mind with increasing frequency and urgency as summer draws nearer.

Thus, many of us start thinking about major or minor liposuction, a breast reduction or some other body shaping procedure. And that begins the search for a plastic or cosmetic surgeon (or, hey, maybe a cosmetic dentist if you want your teeth to look good in all that sunshine) who will have everything nicely healed by mid-June or July when (again, those dreaded words) bathing suit season is fully upon us. And us in the bathing suits.

But a fate far worse than a simple case of swimsuit dread can befall you if you chose the wrong surgeon or dentist and the much anticipated procedure is botched.

According to John Connolly, Ed.D. co-author (with Wendy Lewis) of “America’s Cosmetic Doctors & Dentists,” about ten to 13 percent of the cosmetic treatments performed by the surgeons listed in the book are “re-do’s.” That means a patient became in the author’s words, a cosmetic casualty, and was unhappy with her outcome and sought a correction, or revision, surgery.

The book, which is actually a compendium, is for prospective patients who do not want to swell the woeful ranks of those ten to 13 percent of patients.

Dr. Connolly, a former president of New York Medical College, and co-author Lewis, spell out virtually everything you need to know about selecting a cosmetic doctor or dentist. From insider tips on how to read the doctors’ credentials to learning what areas of surgical rejuvenation are still controversial to arming yourself with the best questions for the initial consultation, the book promises to steer you away from the shoals of the most feared words, numbers three and four, which are “botched procedure.”

Top tip: interview at least three plastic surgeons before you finally go under the knife.

Co-author Wendy Lewis is a consultant who bills herself as “The Knife Coach.” In her day job, she brings patients in search of a particular plastic procedure to the surgeons who are mostly likely to provide the desired look. She takes no fees from surgeons and works entirely in the patient’s behalf.

America’s Cosmetic Doctors & Dentists includes a CD ROM of physician profiles. Also handy is the glossary of insider medical terms you might hear a surgeon or dentist use while explaining procedures.

After a quick read, terms like “autologous fat transfer,” “abdominoplasty,” “plebharoplasty” “Ecchymosis,” and “Gynecomastia” should fall from easily from your lips.

"Cosmetic Breast Surgery: A complete Guide to Making the Right Decision – from A to Double D"
By Robert M. Freund M.D.
With Alexander Van Dyne
Marlowe & Company Publishers, New York, N.Y.

Boobies. The bumpy bits. Melons, Jugs. However you refer to them, breasts are frequently surgically enhanced. So frequent, in fact, some form of cosmetic breast surgery is the second-most commonly done in plastic surgery, topped in the U.S. only by liposuction. About one third of a million American women had some form of surgical breast surgery in 2004, according to the American Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons.

Author and plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Freund provides in Cosmetic Breast Surgery, clear descriptions of basic procedures like breast enlargement, reduction, lift and reconstruction, and the surgery options available with each. He gives an assessment of the risks, rewards and guidelines for getting ready for surgery, as well as his best tips on finding a qualified plastic surgeon who can create the changes you want. One chapter by clinical psychologist Jennifer N. Duffy, Ph.D., discusses the complex tangle of emotions that surround cosmetic breast surgery and what’s it like to live in a society that is fixated on big breasts. You’ll also find before-and-after patient photographs and illustrations detailing various surgeries.

Moreover, this book for women thinking about enhancement breast surgery is strewn with stories and anecdotes from Dr. Freund’s long history in plastic surgery. His “teardrop augmentation mastopexy” (translation: an operation to make the breast larger while lifting it and giving it a more natural shape) has been accepted by his peers as one of the latest and most impressive improvements in cosmetic breast surgery.

"Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery: The Miracle of Makeup Techniques."
By Pearl
Reed Business Information Publishers

If you’re going to read tips on makeup, wouldn’t you want to read them from the very best?

Makeup artist Pearl won an Emmy for her celebrity makeup work and has fixed the highly visible faces of such notables as Barbara Walters, Brooke Shields, Mira Sorvino and Kelly Ripa.

But forget about the rich and famous for a second. Pearl concentrates on the common problems of women everywhere and tells how to quickly conceal, mask, hide or otherwise eradicate dark circles under the eyes, blotchy complexions, unwanted freckles and double chins. To illustrate her methods, she uses not only famous faces but normal looking models, including her own family members and herself.

Are your lashes puny? Have you ever wondered how you would look with false eyelashes but had no idea how to apply them? This is another little gem that is worth mentioning. Detailed instructions await, along with great photos to help you every step of the way. If you dislike something about your appearance, chances are you will find the answers in this book -- and all without going under the knife.

"A Little Work: Behind the Doors of a Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon"
By Z. Paul Lorenc, M.D., F.A.C.S. and Trish Hall
St. Martin’s Press, New York City

Ever wonder why you should not have plastic surgery on a Friday, why you should never have buttocks implants and why you should never shop for a plastic surgery bargain? (The answers are guaranteed never to be given on “Extreme Makeover,” “The Swan” or “Nip/Tuck.”)

Dr. Lorenc gives you the answers to those questions and much more in this very readable – and useful – book. Based on 16 years of plastic surgery on New York City’s fashionable Park Avenue, Dr. Lorenc and Trish Hall, his co-author and an editor at The New York Times, reveal some of the best insider stories from the world of plastic surgery, told by the ultimate insider. You’ll meet people who are serial surgery seekers and women who flirt shamelessly with the doctor (who turns them down as unstable patients.) He also tells about the time the late actress Katharine Hepburn came to see him for face reconstructions after having some skin cancers removed. And for the men in your life, pay special attention to what Dr. Lorenc reports about male cosmetic surgery patients who, he says, are more whiny and difficult than females.

As for why you should never have surgery on a Friday and why you should not shop for bargains in plastic surgery, you’ll have to read the book.

But we’ll pass on of Dr. Lorenc’s insider tips: he believes that you should never get buttocks implants because the human derriere is a weigh-and-tension bearing area which is in constant motion. And that can make the implant rupture, shift or contract.

Of course, there are many equally qualified plastic surgeons who will strongly disagree.

You’ll find those opinions in their books.

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