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Lasers: The High Tech Tool Helping You Look Your Best

Lasers - The High Tech Tool Helping You Look Your Best Taking care of our appearance can be a battle. We exercise, eat right, brush and floss our teeth, try to take good care of our skin, and yet we still turn to cosmetic surgeons to help us look as good on the outside as we feel on the inside. After all, you wouldn’t leave your house with broken gutters or peeling paint. So why do less for your face and body?

Laser surgery is one of the most innovative scientific achievements to date and is used throughout the cosmetic surgery industry to enhance people’s appearance from head to toe.

If you regret a tattoo, want to get rid of sun damage or a birthmark, Laser surgery can lighten or even remove those flaws on your skin. Spider veins and varicose veins on the legs can stop you from wearing shorts or bathing suit, making summer a dreaded time. But laser surgery can also repair those embarrassing flaw. In cosmetic dentistry, laser technology can whiten your teeth and quickly, easily give you a more confident smile. For both men and women, laser hair removal is considered the ultimate removal system for getting rid of unwanted hair, virtually anywhere on your body or face.

Want to ditch your glasses or contact lenses? Doctors use a laser, known as a Lasix laser, on both near and farsighted patients, shaving off thin layers of the eye’s cornea with high-energy pulses of ultraviolet light. As laser eye surgery becomes more popular every year, prices decline and the treatment becomes more widely available. Current estimates reveal about one million Americans are having their eyes lasered in the United States each year.

In conventional surgery, it is often necessary to remove healthy tissue along with diseased tissue. The laser, however, is capable of isolating and removing targeted cells without affecting the healthy, surrounding cells. Moreover, the risk of infection is reduced with laser surgery because only a beam of light comes into contact with the tissue. Additionally, bacteria and viruses are vaporized along with body cells. Because the heating effect of the lasers’ energy cauterizes or seals small blood vessels, there is less bleeding and swelling; and therefore, less pain is connected with the surgery because the beam also seals nerve endings.

Cosmetic laser surgery is no longer just for the rich and famous - it has become more popular and more acceptable among every day people.

With all the different laser technologies available today, and more on the medical horizon, surgeries from top to bottom offer improvement for everyone without needles, scalpels or stitches.

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