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Fast, Fast Numbers in Cosmetic Surgery

Fast numbers in plastic surgery Virtually all the plastic surgery professional societies, including the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Brazil, annually crunch the numbers reported by their member-surgeons about who had how much of what type cosmetic surgery, where and why.

The most revealing figures for 2004:

*11.9 million: the number of surgical and nonsurgical procedures performed in 2004, a 44 percent increase over the previous year.
*10.7 million: cosmetic procedures done on women. It represents 90 percent of the total.
*7.5 million: minimally-invasive procedures done in ‘04, a seven percent increase over 2003.
*3 million: Botox injections, up 25 percent from 2003.
*1.7 million: the total number of surgical cosmetic procedures done, a decrease of two percent from 2003.
*1.2 million: cosmetic procedures done on men, which is eight percent of the total. (Two percent of all procedures were done on patients, age 18 and under.)
*1.1 million: soft tissue fillers like collagen.
*1.1 million: chemical peels.
*858,900: microdermabrasions.
*574,000: laser hair removal.
*544,900: sclerotherapy.
*164,500: laser skin resurfacings.
*103,500: laser treatments of legs.
*44,600: cellulite treatments.

465%: the increase in total number of cosmetic procedures since 1997.
363%: the increase in laser skin resurfacing over 2003.
134%: the increase over 2003 in patients having dermabrasion.
119%: “ “ in Radiesse and Radiance injections over 2003.
65%: the percentage of surgeons in 2004 who offer medi-spa or aesthetician services in their offices.
44%: the increase in total number of cosmetic procedures over ’03.
20%: the increase over 2003 of all cosmetic procedure received by racial and ethnic minorities.

Fast numbers in plastic surgery
$12.5 billion: dollars Americans spent on all cosmetic procedures in 2004.
$6474: the average cost of a full facelift in the U.S.
$4490: “ “ “ “ “ rhinoplasty in ‘04.
$2439: the median cost of laser resurfacing.
$2247: the average cost of a facial and neck liposuction in ‘04.
$ 479: the median cost of a chemical facial peel.
$ 448: the average cost of one Botox session.

*One to five: the top five surgical procedures in 2004: liposuction (up 24 percent over last year ;) breast augmentation, (up 19 percent;) eyelid surgery (increased by eight percent;) rhinoplasty (down four percent) and facelift (up 25 percent.)
*One to five: the top nonsurgical procedures for 2004: Botox injections (up 25 percent;) laser hair removal (up 53 percent ;) chemical peel (up 54 percent;) microdermabrasion (up 28 percent) and Hylaform and Restylane injections (up 659 percent.)

Top five surgeries for women: liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck and facelift.
Top five surgeries for men: liposuction, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, male breast reduction and hair transplantation.
35 to 50: the ages of patients who received 45 percent of all procedures.
51 to 64: ages of cosmetic surgery patients who had 25 percent of all procedures.
19 to 34: the ages of patients who had 22 percent of cosmetic procedures.
65 and over: the age range of people who had six percent of procedures.
18 and under: the age range of patients who received two percent of all cosmetic procedures.

49%: Percentage of women patients who reported their reasons for having cosmetic surgery was to look younger.
23%: number of women who said they wanted cosmetic surgery to look less tired.
23%: Percentage of women who said they wanted to improve their appearance.
15%: Women patients who reported having cosmetic surgery because they disliked a specific feature.
15%: Men who said they needed cosmetic surgery to look younger and be seen as more competitive in the workplace.

Fast numbers in plastic surgery
2 to 3: number of weeks to recover from a full facelift.
1 to 2: number of weeks to return to work after a major liposuction.
3 to 7: days to return to work after gynecomastia, or, male breast reduction surgery.
1 to 2: weeks to recover after resurfacing of facial skin.
6 to 7: days to recover after nose reshaping.
2: days to recovery after a breast augmentation.
0: days to recover after Botox injections.

SOURCES: The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery; the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

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