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New Books about Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Summer is upon us once more and you may be ready for some light reading at the beach or mountains during those more languid moments and easy days. If so, you’ll be delighted to know more plastic and cosmetic surgeons are turning out books that can give you in-depth knowledge about the most popular rejuvenations surgeries. Or, you may know somebody who is using vacation time to take care of that nip or tuck he or she has always wanted.

Whatever the case, we’ve outlined a few of the more noteworthy new tomes.

Beauty in Balance

A Common Sense Approach to Cosmetic Surgery and Treatments
by Allen D. Rosen, M.D. and Valerie J. Ablaza, M.D.
M.D. Publish, N.Y.C.

In plastic surgery, the authors, two top plastic surgeons, think it’s time for a reality check. Considering the public’s obsession with extreme makeovers, and a deluge of information about all types of rejuvenation surgeries, it is nearly impossible for a savvy consumer to acquire an honest and realistic perspective on plastic surgery. The book, Beauty in Balance, by Drs. Allen Rosen, and Valerie J. Ablaza, promises to fill the gap between television hype and the true stories of real patients which too often end up on the cutting room floor because the drama was lacking.

The surgeons offer a sensible perspective on plastic surgery as a supplemental healthy choice rather then a full body, head-to-toe reinvention. Board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Rosen and Ablaza have honed their surgical philosophy into an intelligent and practical guide for getting the best results by selecting the right procedures for you. Moreover, Beauty in Balance explores the myriad of surgical and non-surgical options, including the newest modified face lift techniques, body contouring procedures, and the pros and cons of breast enhancement. The mission of Beauty in Balance is to help the reader understand the techniques available to enhance one’s appearance without drastically changing one’s self to look like someone else.

Says Dr. Ablaza: “We wrote this guide to dispel the misconceptions and send a strong message debunking the extreme make-over myth. We also discuss the many trends and technological advancements in plastic surgery that have increased the safety and quality of procedures while preserving a beautiful balance and harmony in the patient.” Also discussed: the initial consultation, how to pay for surgery, and the psychological and physical concerns that arise with both surgical and noninvasive procedures. Beauty in Balance promises to be a definitive guide to achieving more by sometimes doing less.

Nip Tuck Workout

Exercise through the Eyes of a Plastic Surgeon
by Bruce Nadler, M.D.
BookSurge Publishing, North Charleston, SC

Regular readers of News already know Dr. Nadler from our August, 2005 issue when Dr. Nadler described his, “Almost” Plastic Surgery Workout. Apparently, that workout program went over pretty well with pumpers of iron and other gym rats because the workout has been expanded into the Nip Tuck Workout book.

Since his last appearance in News, Dr. Nadler has moved into his first, last and main love, body sculpting through weight training. He has also added yet another credential – book author – to his lengthy resume. His 28 years of experience in surgical body shaping has been applied to an effective personal fitness training and body sculpting regimen for all.

The word “plastic” in plastic surgery means changing shape by adding or subtracting from areas of the body using a scalpel, implant or liposuction. But, Nip Tuck Workout is, in Dr. Nadler’s opinion, the ultimate in natural body shaping. Moreover, it is the system he devised for use when he trains his own clients. Instead of surgery, Dr. Nadler’s method uses resistance exercises to reshape, tone or shrink the body.

The goal is equal symmetry and proportions, not equal strength. So the Nip Tuck Workout is specialized training based on artistic and plastic surgical principles of precise changes in body shape to achieve ideal proportion and symmetry. It is a program flexible enough to be modified to your specific appearance goals, whether it is being toned, defined or muscular. Rather than be bound by narrow concepts, the book incorporates those aspects of weight training, core functional training and aerobics to give the most complete system of body enhancement possible. The book is said to be, not another trendy fitness routine, but a plan that realistically aligns your goals with your genetic potentials to create an individualized program of exercises. While not ignoring other aspects of fitness, the workout is appearance specific. It may even stress muscles unequally taking into account individual genetic differences in specific muscle response.

Nuts and Bolts

Dr. Nadler’s system is based on progressive resistance by the unilateral use of dumbbells and cables with absolute perfect form and control to bring the targeted muscles to a state of temporary failure and then repeating that movement with just enough rest to adequately stress the muscles again. Each exercise addresses the entire body by having a concentric movement of the flexing muscle, an eccentric contraction of the lengthening muscle and an isometric contraction of the core muscles of the body for stability. That method is in contrast to exercise machines that act as stencils forcing the body into their paths of motion. Neither the use of machines, Pilates, core training balls nor yoga can offer what is essential to precisely shape the body. Dr. Nadler challenges any other personal trainer to show a more effective way to precisely and accurately shape the body non-surgically in the most efficient amount of time.

Dr. Nader’s Background

Dr. Nadler was a well known plastic surgeon who practiced in New York City for 28 years, specializing in surgical body sculpting. He is now a personal fitness trainer certified by both the American College of Sports Medicine (the most difficult certification to obtain) and the International Sports Sciences Association. He is himself a competitive body builder who has won titles at Master’s Level competitions and a National Physique Committee bodybuilding and figure competition judge. This extensive background in the human form gives Dr. Nadler a special understanding and insight into what a body should – and can -- look like.

Palm Beach Perfect Skin

by Kenneth Beer M.D.
MD Publish, N.Y.C.

You can take it for granted that Palm Beach, Florida, ladies know a thing or two about perfect skin. And now, the secrets to their youthful, flawless, and glowing complexions are no longer reserved for the elite. Palm Beach Perfect Skin is the highly anticipated skin care manual by Kenneth Beer, M.D. a preeminent Palm Beach cosmetic dermatologist who has spent years helping the rich and famous achieve those flawless complexions. Coupled with the launch of his new skincare line, Palm Beach Peel, Dr. Beer’s new book reveals those coveted tips to the rest of us.

Palm Beach Perfect Skin will tell you everything you need to know about caring for your skin, from treating acne and rosacea to preventing sun damage, correcting fine lines and wrinkles, and even treating skin cancer. In this go-to guide for anti-aging and skin health, Dr. Beer skillfully guides the reader through the myriad of choices available in non-invasive, anti-aging technologies. As an expert in dermatology and dermatologic skin issues, Dr. Beer outlines the hottest trends in skin care, injectables, and the new wave of lasers and light therapy treatments, including Botox®, Restylane®, Sculptra®, and Photodynamic Therapy.

As a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, a Clinical Instructor of Dermatology at the University of Miami, and a widely published Skin Cancer Researcher, Dr. Beer is one of the nation’s most sought after dermatology experts. In l995, Dr. Beer founded the Palm Beach Esthetic Center which has become a premiere destination for cosmetic dermatology and skin cancer surgery.

Secrets of a Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon

by Cap Lesesne, M.D.
Gotham Books, N.Y.C.

You needn't be thinking about cosmetic surgery to be entertained by Dr. Lesesne's blend of name-dropping, horn-tooting, medical advice and insights. After more than 20 years of operating mostly on the rich and famous, he has plenty of stories. Among his more memorable patients are a gay man who wants breast implants on his back to give his partner something to hold onto during sex and the straight man who brought in his wife one day and his girlfriend the next. Dr. Lesesne also writes of receiving death threats from a Venezuelan oil magnate whose penis turned black after waist and hip liposuction (he failed to follow the doctor's post-op instructions.)

Those details, along with gossip, provide the juiciest bits of what sometimes reads more like an infomercial than a memoir. A recollection about a French woman morphs into a plug for the author's skin-care line; an anecdote about a woman who asks him out while on the operating table leads to a plug for a "light anesthesia cocktail" he and his anesthesiologist developed.

You don't reach the pinnacle of plastic surgery success by downplaying your strengths, but Dr. Lesesne's book would have been even more appealing if he had performed a little ego-reduction surgery. New York City’s Park Avenue between 64th and 72nd Streets is the pinnacle for a plastic surgeon—if you can make it here, you’re at the top of your game. Home to the most renowned plastic surgeons—and clientele—in the world, it takes immense training and sacrifice to be successful on Park Avenue. Dr. Cap Lesesne, an internationally known plastic surgeon whose clients you would recognize from movies, TV, and the covers of magazines—supermodels, royalty, rock stars, and the very, very rich—now takes us behind the scenes to reveal the lives of his patients and the intimate reasons for which they call on his services.

Privy to his patients’ greatest insecurities, fears, and desires, Dr. Lesesne writes of making them over in the image of their favorite celebrities; being flown to a secret location to perform surgery on a queen and her lady in waiting; performing last-minute liposuction to perfect a model just seventy-two hours before a photo shoot; trying to turn back the clock for mega-rich dowagers who have started dating someone younger; and dozens of other fascinating cases. Dr. Lesesne also reveals his own struggles and challenges, and the toll his career has taken on his personal life. A riveting insider’s account, Confessions of a Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon puts an astonishing new face on a booming industry.

Body Contouring Surgery after Weight Loss

Jeffrey L Sebastian, M.D., Joseph F Capella, M.D., J Peter Rubin, M.D.,

Are you among the tens of thousands of people who have lost a dramatic amount of weight? If so, congratulations! You did it. Those years of struggling and failed diets are behind you. Perhaps you did it through weight loss surgery. Or, perhaps it was through diet and exercise. Either way, you have created a new life for yourself.

But, now that the weight is gone, you are likely left with a lot of extra skin hanging from your new body. It likely causes you embarrassment and perhaps hygiene problems as well. However, reconstructive surgery can help restore a more natural look to your body.

The authors of this book, three respected plastic surgeons, have performed hundreds of body contouring procedures on weight loss patients, and they understand your concerns as you explore having reconstructive surgery. Among the questions they answer:
  • How soon after surgery can excess skin be removed?
  • How many surgeries will you need?
  • What kind of results can you expect?
  • Will you have much pain after surgery?
  • When can you return to work and resume physical activity?
  • What about fees? Will insurance pay?
As the number of Americans having weight loss surgery increases, so does the number of individuals undergoing plastic surgery to reshape their bodies after they've lost massive amounts of weight. In 2005, more than 68,000 people underwent body contouring surgery procedures, according to the most recent statistics just released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Of that number, 76 percent had undergone weight loss surgery. The procedures include:

Procedure Number Performed in 2005 Percent of Change from 2004
Tummy tuck and Lower body lift 20,630 22%
Thigh lift 7,486 20%
Upper arm lift 8,741 16%
Breast lift / Reduction 31,277 24%

"It's common for a person who has had a massive weight loss to have considerable amounts of loose skin after losing the weight,” says plastic surgeon Jeffrey L. Sebastian, co-author of Body Contouring Surgery after Weight Loss (, May 1, 2006). Dr. Sebastian adds, "The lose skin does not respond to diet or exercise. Only body contouring surgery will reduce the often extreme degrees of skin excess that develop with massive weight loss."

Body Contouring Surgery after Weight Loss covers each of the contouring procedures performed today by plastic surgeons. It also covers such topics as who's a candidate for the surgery, what to expect from the procedures, preparing for the surgery, and recovering at home.

Face the Facts

by Andrew A. Jacono, M.D., F.A.C.S.
BookSurge Publishing

Face the Facts is a crash course in facial plastic surgery, dermatology and skin care, and demystifies surgical and non-surgical cosmetic facial treatments for aging. It will help you to keep away from some treatments that are like snake oil and do not work, and avoid procedures that are not right ones to treat your particular issue.

The book is through, easy to read and understand, has helpful analogies and descriptive illustrations along with before and after photos of happy patients. Dr. Jacono shares his unique knowledge of the face and its underlying structures to help readers understand the truth about the latest procedures and products available to improve the inevitable signs of aging.

The book helps readers make educated decisions, avoid common pitfalls, like choosing the wrong procedure to achieve a desired effect and identifies procedures which have been popularized by the media, but don't really work. Moreover, Dr. Jacono shares his "Pearls of Wisdom" -- salient points that emphasize key messages. The book covers important topics including:
  • The latest Facial Cocktails designed to take ten years off your face (Botox™, Restalyne™ and more)
  • Non surgical Lifts
  • New laser techniques (Thermage™ and Fraxel™)
  • Minimally invasive procedures (Thread Lifts)
  • The ScarFree Facelift™ (of which Dr. Jacono is a pioneer)
  • More invasive surgeries and when they are needed.
  • Rituals to deliver a quick recovery after surgery.
  • The truth about skincare ingredients.
  • Important information on choosing a facial plastic surgeon in your area.

Ten percent of the proceeds from each book will go to "FACE TO FACE," a national project that offers pro bono consultation and reconstructive surgery to victims of domestic violence. Dr. Jacono regularly performs some of those surgeries for "FACE TO FACE" and has been highly recognized for his work with that and other charitable organizations.

The reader should carry away the information required to understand what contributes to your aging appearance and to approach the surgeon with confidence and the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision. You’ll learn -- at a bare minimum -- about different classes of facial folds, lines and wrinkles, and why each is treated differently.

About the Author

Andrew A. Jacono, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a dual, board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. With a top secret list of models, actresses, and social elite, Dr. Jacono is one of New York's premier plastic surgeons. Dr. Jacono's has been featured on Inside Edition, CNN, CNBC, WB 11, Fox 5News and in Newsday and the Daily News. As an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary in Manhattan, he is considered an outstanding teacher and lecturer.

His clinical research has been presented at national meetings of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and most recently at the 8th International Symposium on Facial Plastic Surgery. Moreover, philanthropy is a cornerstone of Dr. Jacono's Practice. He is a volunteer surgeon for Face to Face, a national organization that provides free surgery to women with facial disfigurement due to domestic violence. Dr. Jacono can be reached online at

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