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Photo Morphing

To PhotoMorph or not to Photomorph. That is the question.

One of the greatest advances in the cosmetic surgery realm is a contribution made during the consultation. This has to do with manipulating a patient's preoperative photograph to give them a view of the intended result. Known by many names, this photo morphing, can give the patient a better appreciation of their intended results.

If performed conservatively, the photo morphing can be a wonderful tool to reassure the patient that their vision of the intended result has been properly conveyed to the surgeon, as well as for the surgeon to reassure the patient that they have understood the patient's expectations. Used appropriately in this context therefore, the photo morphing is an invaluable tool in the aesthetic surgery consultation.

However, this tool, like any tool can be abused. It should not be used for the purpose of marketing, or to convey an unrealistic result to patients.

How can you tell which of these two scenarios are being used in your consultation:

The morphed image should be, if not performed by the actual surgeon doing the opening procedure, it should at least be reviewed by that surgeon to assure the patient that the result a surgeon can achieve are consistent with the photographs being demonstrated. Be wary of anyone else performing the manipulation. There are extraordinarily gifted graphic artists who can perform wonders on the screen, but have no bearing and no relationship whatsoever on an actual surgical result.

Therefore, used wisely, conservatively, and in the proper hands, preoperative photo imaging, or in our practice "the virtual surgery session" TM has become an invaluable tool in the preoperative consultation as well as in the reassurance of natural and enhanced result.

-Philip J. Miller, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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