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The new no scar technique for combination Breast Augmentation and Lift

Internal Lift (Internal Mastopexy)

Internal Lift Breast lifting in women who also desire breast augmentation at the same time can now be performed simultaneously without additional scars.

Pregnancy, breast-feeding, weight loss, and the aging process are the most common causes of breast volume loss leading to deflation and sagging. Women with sagging breasts often feel a loss of feminine appeal. Many believe that inserting breast implants is all that is needed to improve their problem. Unfortunately, the worst possible candidate for augmentation is one who is suffering from severe breast deflation and sagging. Such a candidate, if augmented with implants, will obtain very poor results. The breasts will look longer and saggier, with implants in the bottom and nipples facing downward. The procedure of choice for severe sagging is a conventional breast lift, also known as mastopexy, followed by breast augmentation. Since regular mastopexy is a trimming and tailoring type of surgery, patients who undergo conventional mastopexy will have to accept scars of various quality and visibility depending on their skin type.

The ideal candidate for breast augmentation surgery is one who has firm and perky breasts without any sagging. Therefore, most candidates who fit in this category are young women who have never been pregnant and have never breast-fed. Such candidates when augmented will obtain the best results with breast implants.

The patient who will benefit most from my new no scar technique of lifting and augmentation, called internal mastopexy, is one who has moderate sagging and wishes to have her breasts enlarged. My procedure requires no additional incisions because it is done through the same small incision made to insert the breast implants. In this technique, the breast tissue is anchored to a higher level on the chest wall, resulting in uplifting of the breast and the nipples without the need to excise skin and leave scars. Internal lift is always performed in conjunction with augmentation. It can also be performed on previously augmented patients whose breasts are now sagging over their implants.

In summary, if there is very mild sagging, simple augmentation with breast implants can correct the sag provided somewhat larger implants are used. If there is severe sagging, conventional mastopexy followed by augmentation is the procedure of choice. However, when sagging is mild to moderate, instead of a conventional mastopexy which may leave undesirable scars, an internal mastopexy or internal lift and augmentation can be performed simultaneously with no additional scars. During your consultation, I will be able to determine the best possible procedure for your particular condition.

The internal lift ads about 45 minutes to the breast augmentation procedure and requires no additional recovery period. Postoperative discomfort is easily controlled with prescribed pain medication. The use of tight supportive bras during the healing period is very important. Upper body exercises, heavy lifting and above the head reaching is to be avoided for four to six weeks.

- Ivan Thomas M.D., F.A.C.S.
2080 Century Park E. Suite 501
Los Angeles, CA 90067

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