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Non-Surgical Fat Removal

Jumpstarting the New You with ZERONA™

“My energy is so low, and I feel hopeless. I have a hard time getting myself to exercise.”

Can you relate to this lack of motivation? We know that a healthy diet and exercise is the number one recipe to losing weight, maintaining a stable weight, and feeling good. Unfortunately, many people are not enthused to get off the couch and do something about the inches built up around their bellies, hips, buttocks, or love handles.

Many of these people look into liposuction (“lipoplasty”) for fat reduction. However, not everyone has the freedom to take off work for surgery or have the time for recovery. Many men and women are also uninterested in altering their body shape and size with surgery – they just don’t want it. Individuals who are neither driven to work out, attracted to undergoing cosmetic surgery, or both, are often left feeling empty.

How can the ZERONA™ laser treatment jumpstart a fitness and/or diet program?

ZERONA™, a new non-invasive body slimming laser treatment, not only offers the active person a chance to perfect his or her already svelte body; it gives uninspired men and women the chance to start over and say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle.

ZERONA™ uses low-level laser emulsification to melt fat without dieting. This treatment offers zero surgery, zero pain, and zero downtime. It is designed for men and women who are between 15 and 40 pounds overweight, with excess subcutaneous fat (the fat that lies directly below the skin). A body slimming laser fat removal treatment, ZERONA™ differs from liposuction in that it is non-surgical and focuses on treating the whole body versus a specific body part. It is not a “liposculpting” method; rather, ZERONA™ is designed to help individuals lose inches in specific regions, while still benefiting other areas in the process. Should a ZERONA™ doctor spend time focusing on a woman’s tummy, her arms and buttocks may simultaneously benefit as well.

Doctors throughout the country are finding that many individuals who are interested in undergoing this treatment are those who are unable to get into gear on their own. Think of ZERONA™ as extra help! It is becoming that inspiration that many people need. In turn, these patients are feeling more committed to pursuing natural weight loss methods because they are pleased with the results of this non-invasive laser treatment.

ZERONA™ body slimming results will fully appear after six treatments, which are performed every other day, for a consecutive two-week period. Follow-up treatments and a maintenance program can be discussed with a qualified ZERONA™ doctor. Find a specialist in your area to discuss your options!

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