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Non-Surgical Fat Removal

ZERONA® Non-Invasive Body Slimming: An Alternative to Liposuction


For a flatter belly, slimmer arms, and trimmer thighs, numerous individuals turn to cosmetic surgery. There are, however, many who prefer non-surgical procedures for a more appealing shape. ZERONA®, a new, non-invasive body slimming procedure that offers men and women zero surgery, zero pain, and zero downtime, is gaining momentum as an alternative to liposuction (“lipoplasty”)

A highly effective cosmetic procedure for targeting unwanted fat cells from nearly any area of the body, liposuction remains the number one aesthetic surgery procedure among men and the number two elective surgery among women (aside from breast augmentation). According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), just under 35,000 men and 310,000 women underwent this elective procedure in 2008. While we know that plastic surgery is not for everyone, we do know that its popularity continues to attract hundreds of thousands throughout the country.

Yet, the various factors that one must consider before undergoing liposuction includes the length of time in surgery, the recovery period, plastic surgery fees, and possible risks and side effects; this is not always conducive to a person’s schedule or budget.

How does ZERONA® laser differ from liposuction?

Non-Surgical Fat Removal

ZERONA® uses a safe, low level, non-heated laser to stimulate the fat cells in order to emulsify (liquefy) fat within these cells. This procedure is proven to melt fat without dieting, allowing the patient to lose inches with or without leading an active lifestyle. ZERONA® is also regarded as a jumpstart procedure; individuals who suffer from a lack of motivation to work out and eat healthy can benefit from this laser procedure as it offers inspiration to maintain their new shape. It can also be used effectively on areas of the body where localized fat deposits exist that are resistant to diet and exercise. The ZERONA® laser fat removal procedure entails six, quick and painless treatments, which is administered over a two-week period. Each session is for about 40 minutes, lying 20 minutes on your front and 20 minutes on your back.

Liposuction, on the other hand, uses a cannula (a thin, flexible tube) to remove excess deposits of fat. There are various techniques and renditions of liposuction, such as the tumescent or ultrasound assisted method. This cosmetic procedure is designed to provide fat reduction assistance when diet and exercise has failed to provide the patient with his or her desired results. It is similar to ZERONA® in that it can also influence the patient’s lifestyle. Although liposuction is to not be considered a weight loss method, it can dramatically improve the patient’s overall body shape. The length of time for surgery depends on the areas being targeted, how many areas are treated, the technique, and the amount of fat being removed. On an average, liposuction takes between one to two hours.

Both procedures offer patients excellent results; however, the choice is up to the individual, depending on his or her needs and whether or not that person qualifies for liposuction or ZERONA®. An experienced specialist can help to determine if a non-surgical liposuction alternative will meet your goals. ZERONA® is a non-invasive body slimming procedure and an alternative to liposuction for those looking to slim down quickly. Find a ZERONA® doctor today, on!

*After completion of the two-week clinical trials, the average patient lost three and half inches, while other lost as much as nine inches.

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