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Vectra XT

Vectra XT Provides Optimal 3D Computer Imaging of the Face, Body, and Breasts

vectra photoThanks to the technological advancement of computer imaging, individuals have the chance to view their predicted results prior to undergoing a plastic surgery procedure. This service helps to ease a prospective patient’s concerns regarding his or her desired outcome, because it gives him or her a clear idea of what to anticipate.

Two-dimensional computer imaging is utilized at many surgeons’ practices during the consultation period. At this time, the area of the patient’s body that will be operated on is electronically captured and then manipulated onscreen. The alterations that are made are based on both the patient’s desires and the surgeon’s recommendation. Upon their discussion, a personalized surgical plan will be developed.

One of the newest computer-generated services that many surgeons are using at their practice is the 3D VECTRA XT imaging system, by Canfield Scientific, Inc. It is appearing to revolutionize computer imaging, giving prospective patients greater ability to envision their plastic surgery results. VECTRA XT is a single system designed to conveniently capture images of the face, breasts, and body. Including all of the necessary hardware, software, installation, and training required for this system, it is said to complement nearly any work environment due to its modern design and dimension; wall projection is only 17 inches.

The VECTRA XT computer imaging system is operated through a no-fuss machine; mechanical adjustment or recalibration is not necessary. In addition, it has a motorized height adjustment. A product of innovative engineering, VECTRA XT provides ultra-high resolution color images and ultra-sharp definition of the tiniest details.

Just as before and after plastic surgery photos play a major role in the patient’s decision-making process; 3D computer imaging will also help enhance his or her pre-operative experience. By viewing photos of previous patient results, as well as seeing his or her own predicted plastic surgery outcome, a person can get a feel for the skill and knowledge of a surgeon. Both tools lead toward a discussion, which ultimately keeps them on the same page going forward.

To learn more about VECTRA XT and how this 3D computer imaging system can support your interest in plastic surgery, consult a specialist. Feel free to use to find a qualified cosmetic or plastic surgeon in your area.

by Elana Pruitt

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