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The Cosmetic Surgery BOOM

Statistics released in April by the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ASPRS) show a dramatic increase in procedures among both women and men. In the past two years, figures have doubled.

Of the total 1,045,815 cosmetic procedures performed in America in 1998, liposuction tops the list as the most common. This is followed by breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, facelift and chemical peel.

Liposuction is the number one procedure for both women and men. Liposuction procedures are up 57% since 1996, and up 264% since 1992.

Breast augmentation has increased 51% in the past two years and 306% since 1992.

The ASPRS has been tracking cosmetic and reconstructive surgery statistics since 1992 and these statistics represent procedures done by its roughly 5000 member surgeons.

Cosmetic Surgery For Women

The Cosmetic Surgery BOOM All cosmetic procedures among women tracked since 1992 continue to rise dramatically.
  • Procedures performed on women rose nearly 180%, from 338,968 in 1992 to 946,784 in 1998.
  • Women undergo 91% of all cosmetic procedure performed.
  • Liposuction among women rose 270% since 1992.
  • Breast augmentation quadrupled since 1992, rising from 32,607 to 132,378.
  • 60% of women having breast augmentation are aged 19-34. Of the 32,262 augmentation patients who had breast implants removed, 83% had new implants inserted. 53% of those patients had capsulectomy performed along with removal.
  • Women had 243% more chemical peels in 1998 than in 1992.
  • Breast implant removals have increased 76% since 1992 with only 4% of patients stating the reason for removal as fear alone. 93% of implants were removed due to physical symptoms such as capsular contracture.
Cosmetic Surgery for Men

More men than ever are having cosmetic surgery, as shown by the statistics.
  • The number of men having procedures rose 80% since 1992, up from 54,845 to 99,031.
  • Men account for 9% of the total cosmetic procedures performed.
  • The number of men having liposuction more than tripled between 1992 and 1998.
  • Eyelid surgery among men rose nearly 75% since 1992.
  • Nearly twice the number of men had breast reduction to correct gynecomastia in 1998 versus 1992.
  • Facelift procedures more than doubled since 1992, rising from 2,805 to 5960.
  • 27% of cheek implants, 25% of chin augmentations, and 23% of rhinoplasty surgeries were performed on men.
Teenagers and Cosmetic Surgery

The Cosmetic Surgery BOOM While the total cosmetic surgery population has risen dramatically since 1992, the number of teenagers having procedures has increased at a more moderate rate.
  • Rhinoplasty represented about a third of cosmetic procedures performed on teenagers in 1998 and increased 46% since 1992.
  • In 1992, teenagers accounted for 4% of cosmetic surgery patients, while in 1998 teenagers account for 2%.
  • Total procedures performed on teenagers increased 85% since 1992.
  • The procedures most often requested by teenagers are rhinoplasty (8,074); gynecomastia (1,862); breast augmentation (1,840); otoplasty, where the ears are pinned back (1,783): and liposuction (1,645).
  • Almost twice as many breast augmentations were done in 1998 than 1992, representing 1% of total breast augmentation procedures.
  • Otoplasty surgeries more than doubled.
  • Liposuction rose 249% from 472 procedures in 1992 to 1,645 in 1998.
General Patient Information
  • 25% of cosmetic patients were repeat patients, up from 20% in 1992.
  • 43% had multiple procedures at the same time, a 13% increase since 1992.
  • In 1992, 12% of cosmetic surgery patients were minorities, while the number rose to 20% in 1998. 8% are African-American, up from 4%; 8% are Hispanic, up from 5%; and 4% are Asian, up from 3%.
  • In 1998, procedures were most often performed in offices at 37%; followed by free-standing surgi-centers at 35%; and hospitals at 28%.

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