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Boob Camp Doc

Beauty contests may be in the news a lot but they take all forms.

So here’s another, on U.S. shores.

Rock radio station, KCAL 96.7 in Redlands, California, held Boob Camp, a series of beauty contests for bikini clad entrants. Scads of Southern California beauties showed up, hoping for a shot at the top prize – a free breast augmentation from plastic surgeon Jesse D. Mitchell, M.D., who has offices in BevHills, Newport Beach, Long Beach and San Bernardino. Nobody at the station would admit it, but the winners at each level were chosen from among the more bosom-challenged entrants. By the way, the entrants in the contest were known as “Raw-cruits.”

While the radio station is a wild and crazy outfit that turned the judging into an open-air party in the California sunshine, with lots of whipped cream flying through the air and onto the entrants, doc Mitchell is actually a pretty reserved guy who prefers a good book to a party animal scene. However, the beauty contest had five or six levels of judging in as many weeks before selecting the final winner and that got the doc’s name on the airwaves for quite a stretch of time.

Said a spokesperson at the radio station: “Man, cosmetic surgeons are, like, the rock stars of the medical world!”

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