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Girlz Just Wanna Have…..Botox Parties!

One of the latest fads in cosmetic surgery is the modern equivalent of coming out parties. Patients who want to show off their enhancements and new appearances are getting together to talk the talk and walk the walk about man-made beauty. Literally, walking the walk. Like on a catwalk!

According to the office of plastic surgeon Stephen Greenberg, M.D. in Long Island, New York, groups of happy patients from teens to retirees are going public at “Flaunt It!” shindigs wherein women of all ages are mounting the catwalks at fashion shows and strutting their newly enhanced stuff for friends, family and doctors who just sit back and admire their many good works.

At one party, a 16-year-old showed off her new nose right next to her moms whose face had been smoothed with Botox injections. Next down the ramp was a 39-year-old woman who now bore a set of D-cup breasts after having A cups all her life.

Says Dr. Greenberg: “Time was, people would hide away until cosmetic surgery work healed and then rarely speak about it. Now, they are proud of their enhancements and are happy to announce how good they look.”

One self-proclaimed gym goddess – who was already considerably buff – treated herself to liposuction, a tummy tuck and dropped to a size 2 dress from a 10-12.

The occasional Botox party is thrown by BevHills plastic surgeon Paul Nassif, M.D., who springs for get-togethers in upscale locations like The Palms in Las Vegas. Moreover, he totes along his doctor’s bag and gives a few Botox injections on the spot.

If you think Botox injections at parties are the cat’s pajamas, you will love the Boobapalooza. That’s the name given to get-togethers where breast augmentation patients talk about, well, boobs. Newly enhanced boobs in particular. Ladies and girls associated with the website get together to show off their new breast augs at spiffy soirees in places like Vegas, San Francisco, Hollywood, Santa Cruz (California) and other upscale locations.

“A lot of girls go into the ladies room to bare their chests and point out exactly where enhancements have been made and how scars are healing,” says Marianne Guarena, editor-in-chief of Enhancement Media who really knows from plastic surgery. Marianne had a nose job (rhinoplasty) at 25 and then two breast augmentations, surgical lip augs (with GoreTex tubes for definition,) liposuction and a feather lift on her face.

But it’s not all serious medicine.

Adds Marianne: “The other reason we hold Boobapalooza is to just enjoy each other’s company!”

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