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They Need Bosoms, too - Women Weight Lifters

They Need Bosoms, too - Women Weight LiftersIn gyms all over the nation, women shed their bodybuilding inhibitions about 15 years ago and have been pumping iron fast and furious in the weight room, right alongside the guys.

But know what else the gals lost? While doing so many bench presses and flat flys?

Décolleté. Breasts. Boobs. However you refer to female breasts, all those reps with heavy weights reduce mammary gland fat, while pumping up muscle and lean tissues. And that leaves those lady gym rats with a muscular but – woe begone! -- flat chest.

Most women weight lifters have accepted ripped, hard chests as a tradeoff for arms as thick as Anaconda snakes and the strength to tear phone books in half or bend steel bars in their bare hands.

But judges today at body building contests want to see more difference between male and female weight lifters. Judges now want the guys to sport the bulging muscles and the women contestants to look, well, more like women. Thus, the first item judges look for in ranking women competitors for beauty and following the strict principles of Vive Le Difference, are actual female breasts. Maybe followed by long blonde locks, big sparkling eyes, ruby red lips and a sultry, alluring and “hither-come-yon” demeanor. But especially, the breasts; with male judges, at least, it’s always the boobs.

This is the part where plastic surgeons can help.

Some plastic surgeons, realizing the key to any successful business is finding a need and – no pun intended -- filling it, are catering to women bodybuilders and weight lifters who have a bust line like an ironing board and want a more feminine look.

They Need Bosoms, too - Women Weight Lifters“If you’ve lost some of your girlish curves as you’ve trained and toned, you can consider breast augmentation a safe way to restored some fullness to your figure,” says Rick Silverman, M.D. on his website at “Many women bodybuilders are worried about the impact of lifting on the implant if it’s been placed under the muscle. It is possible for the implant to deflate or pop although it rarely does.” Doctor Rick knows whereof he speaks because he is also a body builder.

By placing the implant under the muscle, the doc figures there is more tissue between the insert and the outside world, making the implant less obvious. If, on the other hand, the surgeon puts the insert on top the muscle, the ridges and seams can show through the skin and cause rippling due to such low levels of body fat.

After the operation, they’re usually back in the gym in two weeks although doctor’s orders nix any chest exercises for six weeks after the operation.

Now, if those judges would just take their eyes off the ladies’ before and after implant pictures...

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