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Before the Nuptials: Nips and Tucks
  • No Cosmetic Surgery for Cows – Australia
  • Plastic Surgery Fair -- England
  • Sacrificing Vacations for Nose Jobs – England and Ireland
  • Bid for Plastic Surgery on the ‘Net – U.S.
  • Boobie Website for Flat Model – Sweden
* Farm and agricultural shows Down Under have noticed some of their cattle breeders are getting a leg up in judging by having cosmetic surgery done on their prize cattle and cash cows. So, the newest rules drafted by Tasmania’s Agricultural Show Council prevent any breeder from putting his cows under the cosmetic surgeon’s knife to try and bag blue ribbons and other prizes.

“We want the animals to look natural,” says a spokesman.

And what type cosmetic surgery is required for large farm animals like cattle? Surely, we’re not talking breast enhancements?

“We’re asking our people not to pump up the cows’ stomachs to make them look more hefty,” says the spokesman. “And we don’t want the cows teats sealed or glued.”

It may not sound like a big deal to you but, on the farm, nothing trashes bovine beauty like leaking milk.

* In England, street plastic surgery fairs let patients and physicians get some face time without waiting rooms, receptionists and the filling of endless forms and questionnaires. The open air Body Beautiful Shows offers dozens of physician stands dispensing information about many cosmetic and plastic procedures and more traditional pampering therapies like massage and facials.

“The latest survey says one fifth of British women are considering some form of plastic surgery,” says a spokesman. “We want to make sure anybody considering plastic surgery makes an informed decision first and doesn’t just rush ahead because of a favorite TV program about an extreme makeover.”

And just how are they going to pay for it all?

* To find out, the Harley Medical Group, with clinics throughout England and Ireland, studied 100 typical patients and found that 19 percent gave up vacations to finance cosmetic surgery while another 12 percent ignored home improvements to spring for a procedure. One third of the group was mostly likely to forsake a vacation for a nose job (rhinoplasty) while 31 percent of women wanting surgery on their breasts opted to take out a loan.

Before the Nuptials: Nips and Tucks* And if you’re really concerned about the cost of plastic surgery, why not use the power of the Internet and put your procedure out for competitive bidding? And let surgeons fight over your business? At the U.S. website, Bid for Surgery, wannabe patients post the procedure for which they hunger and then wait for doctors to email them with prices and other information.

While the website says many stand-up docs belong to the service, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says website bidding on any operation is not a good thing because choosing a surgeon based on price alone skips the other factors – like verifying credentials, looking at before and after pictures of other patients, talking with past patients and the like – that should be part of making an informed decision.

But, maybe, you could, like, ask all those questions through more email, and look at the docs’ websites, as a follow-up after the docs respond to you with their low, low prices?

* You may recall from our September issue the information about Boob Camp, the radio contest beauty pageant to select the woman most in need of a breast augmentation.

Well, the contest and cosmetic surgery beat goes on. In additional to radio contests that award some type of cosmetic procedure as prizes in other cities like Denver, Chicago and New York, a Swedish model known professionally as Linda Peacegrove launched a contest on her website – -- to help her acquire some needed professional assets – namely, breast augmentation.

But why would anybody send some hard-earned bucks to an unknown somebody half a world away?

Easy. The name of a lucky guy or gal will be drawn from her website at random and wins as a prize a photo shoot with Ms. Peacegrove, in his or her own home town, no less. The bosom-challenged Swede actually comes to your place, does the shoot and gives you bragging rights to professionally-produced (READ: airbrushed) photos of you all.

The Nordic model has a heart wrenching story because she lost her thyroid gland in surgery and that lead to a drastic, career-threatening (READ: less money) loss of breast tissue. Now, she just wants her boobies back and is asking for a helping hand. Although the $6000 she needs for the breast augmentation sounds more like a hand-out, the website has so far only raised 808 measly bucks.

She’s hoping the kindness of strangers will perk her up -- in more ways than one.

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