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Someday soon, a 23-year-old MTV contest winner – who has longed for a chest like the one on former body builder and current Golden State Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger – will show viewers his body being operated on by New York City’s Elliot W. Jacobs, whom you could rightfully call the designated plastic surgeon for the “I Want Arnold’s Chest” contest.

Doc Buff Chest Dr. Jacobs’s young patient has a fleshy, girl-like chest and has always been teased mercilessly by classmates for growing small boobs.

Not a Freak

But Dr. Jacobs wants you to know the winner – and others like him -- is not a freak. No way.

The doctor has specialized in chest sculpting for men for years and has long been a crusader to let guys, dudes, men and just plain fellows know it’s okay to have a flabby chest or even some pointy, jiggly things that look like a 12-year-old girl in puberty and headed for some major tatas.

“A flabby chest on a guy is a medical thing,” says Dr. Jacobs. “It has a name – gynecomastia – and can be corrected by a properly trained plastic surgeon. Moreover, the tissue in Gynecomastia is real breast tissue – NOT fat – and can’t be worked off if you do bench presses daily for the rest of your life.”

So don’t let cries of “girly man!” “Sissy!” “Wuss!” and other put-downs get to your man. Boobs on a guy is a benign enlargement that appears on about 40 percent of all men who have what appear to be beginner breasts. It happens because nature deposits fat in the male midsection.

Stone Breasts

What’s more, flabby chests have been happening to guys for thousands of years. We know this because statues of the ancient Egyptian ruler, Pharaoh Seti I, have enlarged Doc Buff Chestbreasts. Sure, they are stone breasts but that’s probably what the Pharaoh looked like in life. And nobody was putting him down. Aristotle reported encountering the problem among all those handsome ancient Greeks while the oldest description of the surgical removal of gynecomastia breasts is found in the writings of Paulus of Aegineta who lived from 636 to 690 A.D.

Modern day men, however, make the gynecomastia problem grow larger by taking anabolic steroids for weight lifting and using some illegal drugs, most notably marijuana.

“Some guys come into my practice wearing a compression vest or they bind themselves down with rolls of ace bandages to make themselves flatter,” says Dr. Jacobs who is a board certified aesthetic surgeon who performs the full range of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Guys afflicted with gynecomastia run into problems at school when they have to take gang showers after gym or when the basketball coach calls for shirts and skins. And the gynecomastia guys cringe because they have chests that jiggle and bounce.

“I’ve seen a few guys who purposely gain a lot of weight because it’s more acceptable to be large and have a big belly than stay thin and have large breasts,” Dr. Jacobs says.

Round and Fluffy

A catch-22 scenario arises when a man with gynecomastia trains like Arnold himself, builds some heavy muscle on his chest and still has flabby breasts. It’s because the muscle pushes the breast tissue forward, giving the chest a round and fluffy appearance.

Gynecomastia can also run in a guy’s family. The appearance is caused by a combination of dense breast tissue under the nipple and fatty tissue over the pectoralis major muscle. That broad, flat muscle that runs from the armpit to the sternum and from the collarbone to mid-chest is known to body builders as “pecs.” It is the same muscle that Schwarzenegger developed to a state high enough to be named Mr. Universe. And be the envy of body conscious dudes everywhere.

Sometimes, depending on your guy’s case, a surgeon can take out the chest flab with liposuction alone. At other times, surgeons must use a little more surgery to remove the more firm breast tissue. But your man won’t look like he’s been in a bunch of knife fights because many surgeons -- like Dr. Jacobs -- go into the chest through an incision made at the edge of areola. And that hides the scar.

Doc Buff Chest “Chest implants for men are rarely used,” says Dr. Jacobs. “Their basic use is for when two sides of the chest are lopsided.

“The other great thing would be if more men would talk about it,” Dr. Jacobs says. “But can you imagine two men sitting on a bench in a gym and one says: ‘You know, my breasts are just too big. I just so hate it!’ It’ll never happen.”

But at a time when political leaders and sports stars appear on television holding pills that treat erectile dysfunction, why can’t other guys talk about gynecomastia, a condition visited upon almost half of men?

Maybe the discussion will start after people see “I Want a Famous Chest.”

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