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  • South Africa: Boob Job: Going Once!
  • Researchers Study Plastic Surgery
  • A Worldwide Face Race?
  • England: Xmas Gifts? New boobs!
Bellybutton Makeovers

Bellybutton Makeovers With an estimated ten million cosmetic makeovers and rejuvenations taking place in 2004, consumers have enhanced facial features, flattened protruding ears, and restored lost hair while erasing wrinkles, crow’s feet, worry lines and old scars. Breasts have been augmented, made to stand up more or reduced when too large and cumbersome. Bulging tummies and love handles have had the flab sucked out. Currently, a whole industry rests on making rear ends more “bootylicious.” The public has even gone in for foot facelifts to create pretty feet so what could be next? Where else on the human body could cosmetic surgeons turn their marvelous talents?

Stuck? Give up? Why, on bellybuttons, of course!

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, their members remade the bellybuttons of 1534 people. And, hey, why not? More and more women are wearing clothes that – for good or bad – reveal their navel which is often adorned with jewelry, rings, studs and a few tattoos. Some want their old belly button back after a pregnancy while others want their “outie” converted to a hip, “innie.” If you go see a plastic surgeon, you’ll want to inquire about an “umbilicoplasty.


Give Readers of the October News, already know about a down–on-her-luck Swedish actress trying to pay for a breast augmentation – only for professional reasons, of course -- by asking for donations through her website, (Read more about it here)

Recently, a U.S. student, who only wants to be known as Michel, also presented through a personal website her plight (“help a girl fill a sweater”) of having a tiny 34A bosom. But the public ponied up big time and Michel raked in $4500 worth of donations, had the breast augmentation and took up a major resident in bodacious tata land with a greatly enhanced 34C bosom.

Michel was delighted to toss her padded bras out and posted her self-described “tasteful” before and after pictures on her website at

Michel’s secret? She left it up to readers. “If somebody likes augmented breasts they can add a tiny amount to my breast fund,” she writes. “If they do not like the idea, they leave the site and give nothing.” O.K., she seemed to be saying to readers, her breasts are in your hands.

Of course, when Jay Leno mentioned her website in his monologue, things picked up considerably. After that, Michel was interviewed by many U.S. papers.

The method worked for her but won’t work for everybody. Another U.S. student, 26-year-old Nicole, noted Michel’s success and decried her own bony haunches, telling the world through her website, that she was as thin as a Jenny Craig instructor in Bangladesh, had a flat rear and was asking for $6K to cover a butt lift. Alas, the website is now inactive.

The last reports in the press about Nicole’s efforts in December, 2003, mentioned the website had only raised a paltry $155.00

South Africa: Boob Job: Going Once!

South Africa: Boob Job Readers of News already know how consumers can put a desired cosmetic operation out to bid among surgeons through a special U.S. website that auctions medical procedures.

But a hospital in South Africa turned the idea around several years ago and offered weekly specials on its cosmetic procedures like a breast reduction, liposuction, or nose and eyelid operation. The bidding was open-ended for one operation per day during the week with the highest bidder claiming the procedure. Leading plastic surgeons in South Africa perform the surgeries at a popular private clinic.

A spokesman for the hospital said the Net-based auctions functioned more as a public relations and marketing ploy to promote South Africa as a global center for plastic surgery.

Researchers Study Plastic Surgery
- Better First Impressions!
- Causes Envy!

Ever wonder exactly what you’re buying with plastic surgery?

Researchers Study Plastic Surgery You can pretty well forget all those newspaper articles about searching for the fountain of youth. Science has documented the less-than-shocking fact that plastic surgery is a pretty good way to enhance the first impression you make on people. (Kinda like predicting the likelihood of possible darkness when the electricity goes out, isn’t it?)

Nonetheless, the November issue of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a professional journal for docs reveals that a study on a group of patients who underwent facial cosmetic surgery created a better first impression after they had healed from the surgery.

Randomly picked observers looked at hundreds of pictures of people, some of whom had plastic surgery. The observers did not know the mix of pictures included before and after shots of those who had surgical makeovers.

Findings? After faces had been surgically rejuvenated, they were graded as 31% more attractive, 27% better in social skills, 22% higher in dating success, 19% better in athletic skills, 15% higher in relationship skills and 13% higher in financial success.

“It appears that external beauty does matter,” says Dr. Steven H. Dean, clinical assistant professor at the University Of Illinois School Of Medicine. “I always thought plastic surgery patients -- when they got a new job, found a new love or had some other success – did better in life because they had more self-confidence. But it could be due to the enhanced way the world is looking at them.”

Yet another study followed patients after they had plastic surgery. The Harley Medical Group in England wanted to find out the psychological impact of cosmetic surgery and what others think when one’s surgically enhanced countenance first goes public. Do people walk up and shake your hand or give you a big hug because you look so good? Not usually, according to this study which revealed that the neighbors are more likely to be jealous of your improved looks.

A significant 21 percent of those who went under the beauty knife claimed their friends were more than a little envious of their new looks. Another 25% of patients said their friends were just downright shocked.

Of course, it depends on the neighborhood in which you live. People in England may be shocked by a facial rejuvenation but it you live in Beverly Hills or another upscale place like New York City or Miami and are, oh, say 80 or 90-years-old, you can have the face of a twenty-year-old and never get a second glance.

The study also made inquiries (that’s British for “asked”) about how plastic surgery is paid for. They found once a person decided to go ahead with a particular procedure; he or she was more than happy to give up other things to finance it. About 70 percent used their own savings; 19 percent gave up vacations while another 12 percent scratched home improvements from the budget in order to pay for their new look.

British psychologists said that cosmetic surgery was pretty well accepted everywhere in England when most family members are willing to give up vacations so that one person in the home can fund a cosmetic enhancement.

The Face Race?

The Cleveland Clinic is moving ahead with what they say may be the world’s first human face transplant. The facility debated the medical, ethical and psychological issues involved for ten months while reviewing face transplant results on lab animals. Recently, the clinic’s review board gave the go ahead for screening human patients for the actual operation to replace a face severely disfigured by injury or disease. A spokesman says the operation may not happen for six months or a year.

But the transplant operation may become a face race. Surgeons in Kentucky, France, England and the Netherlands also say they are going ahead with a face transplant as soon as an eligible candidate can be found. The procedure would involve removing the patient’s face and attaching one from a deceased donor.

But the first will have to face, -- no pun intended -- risks as high as a 50% chance of death. To keep the new features, the person will have to take huge doses of anti-rejection medications which have their own undesirable side effects.

England: New boobs Under the Xmas Tree?

Researchers Study Plastic Surgery With the holiday season rolling around, are you tired of sending the same old gift baskets, pricey coupons and useless gifts that get stored in the garage? Just what DO you give the person who has everything? Ever know a person who has turned in a wish list to Santa that included larger breasts, fuller lips or fewer wrinkles?

It may become common because some plastic surgery clinics in England have come up with an original gift idea for men who want to make a big impression on their wives or girlfriends. Transform Medical Group, a cosmetic surgery clinic chain in Britain, is encouraging men to give a gift that keeps on giving – every time she looks in the mirror. The medical group – which says it has already sold hundreds -- is offering gift vouchers for boob and nose jobs, tummy tucks, lips augmentations and what the British so charmingly describe as “bottom enhancements.” (Yanks know the procedure as “butt lifts.”) The vouchers range in value from 50 to 1000 pounds ($90 to $1800.)

But the British association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons thinks the vouchers are a “cynical sales ploy” as well as a gift you should first, very carefully, think about giving, least it be taken the wrong way.

“The voucher may mean my husband is in some way unhappy with my body,” says one woman critic. “And that’s a rather unpleasant thought.”

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