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Global Beauty: Fast Facts

Global Beauty Lives there a person anywhere in the U.S. who does not know about Botox, the virtually instant wrinkle remover? With almost three million cases in 2004, it is the most popular cosmetic procedure requested and used in the U.S.

But what about other nations? What are Asians, South Americans, Europeans and Arabs doing to enhance their appearances?

According to surveys taken by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the top procedure in many Asian nations is eyelid surgery because many Asians want a more “Westernized look.” Brazilians, however, ask for liposuction most often because they are on the beaches so much with bare bodies on display

Here’s a look at what various nations list as the top procedures.

Botox is number one in the U.S., Mexico, Switzerland, South Africa, Canada, Greece, Ecuador and Hong Kong.

But in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Columbia, Russia and Romania, eyelid surgery is the top operation.

However, people in Brazil, Germany, and Argentina request liposuction most often.

When it comes to breast augmentations, women in Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, India, Norway and Slovenia opt for becoming bustier.

Nose reshaping tops the list in France, Taiwan, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Cyprus.

The hottest cosmetic operation in Australia is an upper arm lift while natives of Serbia and Montenegro spring for ear surgery most often. The number one procedure in the United Arab Emirates? PMMA injections to help overcome facial wasting in some patients.

Botox is the second most requested cosmetic rejuvenation in Brazil, South Korea and Singapore.

Eyelid operations are number two in Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Great Britain and Finland.

Breast augmentations are the second most popular cosmetic fix in Argentina, Turkey, Cyprus, Serbia and Montenegro.

Liposuction happens next most often in Mexico, Spain, France, Switzerland, India, Jordan and United Arab Emirates.

In Japan and Greece collagen injections are number two while Ecuador, Columbia and Slovenia see fat injections in the second spot while Saudi Arabia’s second slot is filled by hydrogel injections. Canada and Sweden report the second most popular procedure filled by Perland injections. That space is filled by abdominoplasty (tummy tucks) in Norway and Lebanon while chemical peels are the second most popular in the U.S.

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