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Breast & Chest

Thermography vs. Mammography for Early Breast Cancer Detection
All is not Vanity: New Cancer-Fighting Breast Implants May Give 'Enhancement' a New Name
"Gummy Bear" Sientra Breast Implants Receive FDA Approval
Can I Breast-feed after Breast Augmentation Surgery?
PIP Implants and Regulations in Plastic Surgery
Rebuilding the Body and the Self-Confidence
Nip, Tuck 'n' Talk: One-on-One Chats with Plastic Surgery Notables
More Male Breasts? Tea Tree Oil & Female Hormones in Water!
Breast Augmentation…on Tubular Breasts
Internal Lift (Internal Mastopexy)
Gynecomastia (Enlarged male breasts)
Breast Augmentation by Kenneth Gilbert, M.D.
Halting the "Drive-Through Mastectomy"
Now, It's Adjustable Breast Implants
8 “Keyhole” Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeries
Breast Augmentation Gone Awry
Breast Intentions
Doc Buff Chest
They Need Bosoms, too - Women Weight Lifters
Before Breast Cancer Strikes
Boob Camp Doc
Restore Self-Confidence
Past, Present and Future: Breast Implants
Best Breast Reduction Method for Women of Color
Breast Reduction Using Liposuction, The Young Woman’s Choice
The Best Candidates for a Breast Lift

Head & Face Area

BOTOX® vs Xeomin
Brotox - Males Getting BOTOX®
Office Based Surgeries
Plastic Surgeons Step Up for Vets
Plastic Surgeons Helping Tiny Dog Bite Victims
Brow Lifts and Eyelid Lifts -- Dual Benefits to Your Eyes
Rhinoplasty Revision: The 'Do-Over'
Botox -- Getting More Bang For the Buck
Need a 2nd Nose Job? Consider Injections!
Breaking the Cycle of Abuse
SwiftLift: Small Incisions, Big Result
Eyelash Transplants: Window Dressings for the Eyes
The Injectable Facelift-An Anti-Aging Revolution
Hip on Hot Lips
New Accessories for 20-Somethings
ArteFill: a 10-Year Facial Filler?
What's right for you?
“Mini,” “Lunch,” or “S?”
Many Faces of a Face Lift
Mole Removal Explained
Exoderm Non-Surgical Peel and Face Lift
Open Or Closed Rhinoplasty?
Gore-Tex Facelift Doc
Buccal Fat Extraction – A Facial Contouring Procedure
Forget The Facelift: Step 4
MicroLaser Peel Doc
Forget The Facelift
Higher, Tighter Skin – Lifted onto Pegs
Stay Awake Facelift: The Gerut Lift
Hairline Lowering for Women
How To Choose a Facial Plastic Surgeon
Beautiful Skin -- With No Laser
When Faces Need Just a Little Lift
Anti-Dog Bite Doc
Facial Rejuvenation -- By Pincushion
Nose Jobs: Art and Science
Facelift... by Acupuncture
Baldness: Not Just for Men Anymore
Building a Nose for Holly
Face Transplants
Girlz Just Wanna Have…..Botox Parties!
"No Knife" Cosmetic Surgery
Nose Reshaping
Brow Lift For The Millenium
Smoothing Contours for Youthful Appearance
Adjusting Facial Balance
Facelift: Does Looking Younger Equal Longer Life?
The Quick Fix: Botox
New Botulinum Toxin Therapy
Restoring Youthful Beauty Can Be as Easy as 1-2-3
Microdermabrasion: What is it?
Facial Plastic Surgery Organization Reports Eyelid Surgery as Top Procedure
Responsible Patients Fare Better Before and After CO2 Laser Surgery
Turning 40 - Skin, Hair and Makeup Advice
You're Making Me Blush - conquering rosacea
Botox – The Temporary Fountain of Youth
All About the Face - Keys to a Successful Recovery
Chemical Peels: Beautiful Skin Without A Laser
Cosmetic Improvement Less Of A Procedure
Facial Rejuvenation
Dermabrasion: A Time Honored Procedure Still Applicable Today
Fat Grafting: The Permanent Alternative to Collagen
Permanent Makeup – Tattoo You?

Skin Treatments

House Calls Deliver Botox & Beauty
Birthmarks: Removing the Blemish
Chasing Botox: Juvederm
Scar Revision Surgery
Better Skin – at the Speed of Light
Ageless Skin - Part One
Lasers: The High Tech Tool Helping You Look Your Best
Zapping Unwanted Hair
BOTOX: Among Top Chance Discoveries
Laser Proves Itself in Treating Difficult Skin Disorders
Dermatological Surgeons Develop Breakthrough Treatment
Dermatologic Surgery
Laser Hair Reduction: Less Painful and More Permanent Than Waxing

Abdomen & Trunk

ZERONA® Non-Invasive Body Slimming: An Alternative to Liposuction
Jumpstarting the New You with ZERONA™
No Downtime! The Zerona™ Laser to Zap Away Fat
Achieving a Shapely Body After Massive Weight Loss
New Fat Loss Body Cream: It Just May Work
High-Definition Liposculpture -- Art Books Required
Can Liposuction Alone Make Breasts Grow?
Liposuction -- With No Suction!
Liposuction, Massage and Good Vibrations
Wrinkles in Motion – The Ultimate Guide to the Power Of Botox®
Redefining Shape

Butt & Groin Area

Vaginismus: Botox for the Vagina
"Designer" Vaginas Come Under Fire
Private Makeovers
Q&A: Brazilian Butt Lift
G-Shot for the G-Spot
The Most Intimate Nip-Tuck
Liposuction Tops the Charts
Brazilian Butt Lift
From Miami Slice: Bootylicious Doc

Thighs & Legs

Varicose Veins-- More Patients Look for More Treatments
Foot Facelifts

Arms & Hands

Hand Makeover Doc

General Interest

Can Pleasure Make you Beautiful?
Cosmetic Assurance Insurance
i-Lipo ™ Ultra + Offers Patients a Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment
Vectra XT Provides Optimal 3D Computer Imaging of the Face, Body, and Breasts
Avoiding Bad Plastic Surgery
Going Offshore for Plastic Surgery - Worth the Risk?
Plastic Surgery Costs: Making Sense of It
Plastic Surgery Gifts? Proceed with Caution
Latest Tomes On Plastic Surgery
9-11-01: Plastic Surgeons Rush to Volunteer
Does Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Cure the Blues?
To PhotoMorph or not to Photomorph. That is the question.
Liposuction Tops the Plastic Surgery Charts ...Again
New Books about Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup June 2006
Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 21 -27
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup May 2006
How To Choose The Best Plastic Surgeon For You
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup April 2006
Short Scar Doc
Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Grows during 2005
Stay Awake Facelift Doc
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup March 2006
Nip, Tuck ‘n’ Talk: Up-from-Poverty Plastic Surgeon
Thermage Doc
Forget the Facelift
Study: Better Sex after the Knife!
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup February 2006
Cosmetic Tax Trend Starting To Spread
Multiple Choice Doc
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup January 2006
2005 - What a Year for Plastic Surgery!
When Office Medical Care is the Very Best
When Surgical Skills are Given as Gifts
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup December 2005
Plastic Surgery Carols for Christmas
Q&A with a Phyllis Diller Plastic Surgeon
Giving the Gift of Lift
JCAHO Gold -- When Medical Care is the Very Best
Cosmetic Surgery News from Around the World
Body Contouring Doc
New Books about Plastic Surgery
Thankful…for My Entire Life!
T.V.’s Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Shows
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup October 2005
Featured Doctor - Breast Reconstruction
Why Younger Women Should Do Breast Self-Exams
Cancer Survivors Come Back Strong and Give to Others
Cancer Survivors Come Back Strong & Give to Others
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup September 2005
Patients of Courage
"Keyhole" Surgery Doc
Fast, Fast Plastic Surgery Facts
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup August 2005
The Twins' Plastic Surgeon
Nip, Tuck 'n' Talk
A Year of Plastic Surgery News
Looking Good, Working Well... and Reimbursed
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup July 2005
Use of Stem Cells in Cosmetic Surgery
Featured Doctor Chemical Peel Doc
Looking & Working Better – Plus, Coverage
Doing Several Plastic Operations at Once
Ethnic Considerations in Plastic Surgery
Featured Doctor: Michele D. Koo, M.D.
Plastic Surgeon Operates on Five Women in One Family
Fast, Fast Numbers in Cosmetic Surgery
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup June 2005
Minorities: More Receiving Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup May 2005
Patients-to-Docs: “My To-Do List!”
Dogs and Tots: A Bad Mix
Nip, Tuck ‘n’ Talk: Doctor Operates on Himself
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup
Sam Speron, M.D. - Laser Hair Removal Doc
Recent Books about Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
Video Doc Pioneer
Walking in Beauty
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup
Hearts Afire – Amid Nips ‘n’ Tucks
Featured Doctor: Spa Doc
Surgeons’ Gifts: Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup
Surgeons’ Gifts: Plastic Surgery (Part II)
Plastic Surgery in a Bow? Guidelines for Giving Plastic Surgery
A Facelift in a Pear Tree
Women Plastic Surgeons
Surgeons’ Gifts: Plastic Surgery
BOTOX – Not Just for Wrinkles, Anymore
Behind the Doors of a Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon - Part 1
Global Beauty: Fast Facts
When Docs Go Under the Knife
Plastic Surgery News: World Roundup
Class Reunions: Visiting the Past – and Looking Good!
FAST, FAST numbers in Cosmetic Surgery…
Drive-Through Plastic Surgery?
Cosmetic Surgery News from Around the World
Fast your fingertips!
Huge Weight Loss After Stomach Stapling
Body Contouring: Shedding Excess Skin
Contest: Miss Plastic Surgery
Regaining Shape after Childbirth: Mommy Makeovers!
Cosmetic Surgery, What you need to know
The Cosmetic Surgery BOOM
Big Fat Lies
Before the Nuptials: Nips and Tucks
When Plastic Surgery Goes Bad
Cosmetic Surgery Predictions for 2002
Cosmetic Surgery Vacations: Risky and on the Rise
Looking Your Best Afterwards; Post-Surgical Makeup Techniques
Recovering from Surgery? Get a Massage!
Catalog for Cosmetic Surgery Patients
Getting Ready To Go Under The Knife
Doctor Spa – the marriage of science and beauty
Amazing Lasers
American Women are Worried About the Affect of Stress on their Health
Preparing for Post Surgery
After Birth – beauty strategies for new moms




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