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Breast Reconstruction Facts

Medical Name:
Breast Reconstruction
Common Name:
Breast Reconstruction
Estimated Cost:
Type of Anesthesia:
Length of Procedure: 2-4 hours
Down Time: 1-2 weeks
Recovery Time: 4-6 weeks
Discomfort Level: Significant
Procedure Location: Hospital, Surgical Center
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What is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction has become one of the most rewarding surgical procedures. Many women have lost their breast(s) to cancer. Some women have felt they have lost their femininity after losing their breast(s). Through the advancements in breast reconstruction, it is now possible for surgeons to remove a breast and reconstruct a new one before the patient even wakes up. Patients will never see themselves missing a breast. Advancements in medical technology have also allowed doctors to create a breast that closely matches form and appearance of a natural breast. Breast reconstruction can improve your appearance and the quality of life following breast cancer.

There are various techniques in which breast reconstruction can be performed. This includes the skin expansion technique where the skin stretched enough to insert a breast implant. The nipple and areola are reconstructed in a later procedure. Another breast reconstruction technique is flap reconstruction. This is where a skin flap is created using tissue taken from other parts of the body, including the back, abdomen or buttocks. Even though the scars do not disappear entirely, they will substantially fade over time. You can discuss the details of the procedure with your surgeon during a private consultation.

Take some time to view some of the essential facts has provided on the breast reconstruction procedure. Remember, the information found on this website is not medical advice. This is just to provide you with a basic understanding of the procedure. Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction is not a simple procedure. Please consult with your breast surgeon and your plastic surgeon for more information on breast reconstruction.

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