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Cellulite Treatment Facts

Medical Name:
Endermologie and Mesotherapy
Common Name:
Cellulite Treatment
Estimated Cost:
$165 to $500 per treatment session
Type of Anesthesia:
Length of Procedure: 30-60 minutes
Down Time: None
Recovery Time: None
Discomfort Level: Mild
Procedure Location: Office/Clinic
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What is Cellulite Treatment?

Cellulite treatment is designed to temporarily remove the appearance of cellulite from the body. The minimally invasive procedure involves a deep massage of the affected areas. Commonly known as Endermologie, the procedure involves rollers and gentle suctioning. This results in the lifting of skin and mobilizing the deep tissue while rollers provide deep massage to the fibrous connective tissue and fat. Both actions combined, loosens the trapped and compressed fat, easing blood circulation. This can remove those “cottage cheese” thighs, and enhance your overall appearance.

Cellulite treatment can also be beneficial to those that have just undergone liposuction. This can help increase the healing process and enhance the results. The cellulite treatment sessions are relatively short and can be performed during one’s lunch break. Optimal results require several sessions a week for several weeks.

Mesotherapy is another form of cellulite treatment that involves medication injections into the mesoderm layer of the skin to break down cellulite. Be sure to ask your cosmetic surgeon which treatment works best for you.

Feel free to look through the “Essential Facts” presented on cellulite treatments. These facts can help answer some of the more frequently asked questions about this cosmetic procedure. You can also learn more about cellulite treatments, as well as the other procedures designed to help improve the appearance of your hands, in our “Research” section. However, the information presented on this website should not be confused for actual medical advice. If you wish to gain a more thorough understanding of this procedure, please consult with a cosmetic surgeon.

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