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Collagen Injections Facts

Medical Name:
Common Name:
Collagen Injections
Estimated Cost:
Type of Anesthesia:
Length of Procedure: 30 to 60 minutes
Down Time: None
Recovery Time: None
Discomfort Level: Mild Pain
Procedure Location: Office, Clinic
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What is Collagen Injections?

As we grow older, signs of aging become more evident, especially on our facial appearance. This is the result of the break down of underlying muscles that keep our faces looking youthful and plumped up. There are also other contributing factors such as smiling, squinting, and other facial movements. As a result, laugh lines, smile lines, crow’s feet and facial creases become quite evident on our faces. There are surgical procedures that can help improve upon these conditions, but there some individuals that do not want to commit to surgery or any downtime to achieve their cosmetic goal. Soft-tissue fillers, such as collagen, can provide a solution. Collagen, when injected to various facial areas, can help fill in lines and creases around the face. This can temporarily leave the person’s facial appearance looking smoother and more youthful. Collagen can also be used to add fullness to the lips and cheeks.

As with any cosmetic procedure, there is always the possible of complications occurring. With collagen injections, there is the risk of an allergic reaction. The injectable collagen itself is derived from purified bovine collagen. When purified, it is similar to human collagen. An allergy skin test is performed a month before the first injection is even administered in order to determine the possibility of any allergic reaction. Consult with your cosmetic surgeon in regards to the benefits and the possible risks and complications involved with collagen injections.

Feel free to look through the essential facts listed, which can help answer some of the more frequently asked questions about collagen injections. You can also look through our “Research” section for more detailed information. If you want to get complete and thorough information about collagen injections, be sure to consult with a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist.

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