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Facelift Facts

Medical Name:
Common Name:
Estimated Cost:
$5,000 to $10,000
Type of Anesthesia:
Length of Procedure: 3-4 hours
Down Time: 2 weeks
Recovery Time: 4-6 weeks
Discomfort Level: Moderate, controlled with pain medication.
Procedure Location: Hospital or surgery center
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What is Facelift?

There’s no escaping it, as we grow older, signs of aging begin to appear especially in the facial area. These include fine lines, wrinkles, deep creases, a jowly jawline, and others. A facelift can offer a solution to these problems. Now a facelift cannot keep your face from aging. What a facelift can do is restore a more youthful appearance to your facial appearance. The procedure reduces the appearance of the most visible signs of aging.

During the facelift procedure, excess fat is removed and underlying muscles are tightened and the remaining facial skin is redraped. This results in a firmer and fresher appearance. These results are dramatic or subtle, depending on the current facial appearance. Now since each individual has his or her own unique facial features, the results vary with each individual. Facelifts are considered to be very individualized procedures.

The results of the facelift surgery can last anywhere from five to ten years, this also varies with each patient. As the years pass, your face will continue to age. Those who want to continue presenting a more youthful appearance can choose to repeat the procedure.

Feel free to look through the “Essential Facts” presented on facelift, which help answer some of the more frequently asked questions about cosmetic surgery procedures. You can also learn more about facelifts in our “Research” section. If you are interested in undergoing a facelift and would like to gain a thorough understanding of what the procedure involves, please consult with a cosmetic surgeon.

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