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Liposuction Facts

Medical Name:
Common Name:
Estimated Cost:
$3,000 - $10,000
Type of Anesthesia:
Local, General
Length of Procedure: 2 - 5 hours
Down Time: 1 - 2 days
Recovery Time: 1 - 2 weeks
Discomfort Level: Moderate - High
Procedure Location: Hospital, Surgery Center
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What is Liposuction?

There are many individuals looking to improve their bodily appearance. Many choose to diet and exercise, however some individuals possess fat deposits that are actually resistant to these methods. This may seem like the goal of reaching a better body is out of reach for these individuals, however liposuction offers a solution. Liposuction is a procedure that can remove these fat deposits that are diet and exercise resistant and achieve a better-shaped body.

Although liposuction removes fat from unwanted areas, this procedure should not be considered as a substitute for exercise, nor is liposuction designed for weight loss. Liposuction is a body contouring procedure. It is designed to help those who are near their normal body weight, but still possess bulging areas of fat. After undergoing liposuction, most patients find that not only has their appearance improved, but they also feel more confident about their appearance.

Liposuction can treat areas such as the neck, abdomen, chest and many other areas. This procedure can also be performed on several areas during a single operation, however consult with a cosmetic surgeon as to the possible risks for undergoing liposuction in multiple areas. There are various fat removal methods a surgeon can use to perform liposuction. These include the tumescent technique, Ultrasound Assisted Lipoplasty (UAL), and others. Please consult with a cosmetic surgeon as to the details of each technique and which will work best to meet your needs.

Feel free to look through the essential facts we have provided. We also offer more detailed information on liposuction in our “Research” section. In order to gain a complete and thorough understanding of the liposuction procedure, please consult with your cosmetic surgeon.

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