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Restylane Facts

Medical Name:
Common Name:
Estimated Cost:
$275 to $445
Type of Anesthesia:
Length of Procedure: 20 to 30 minutes
Down Time: None
Recovery Time: None
Discomfort Level: Mild
Procedure Location: Office
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What is Restylane?

There are individuals who wish to enhance their facial appearance, however do not want to receive any incisions or lose time from daily activities. Restylane is a cosmetic product designed to enhance one’s appearance without any incisions or downtime. This product is injected into the skin through a tiny needle into needed areas. Patients experience a minimal amount of pain or discomfort from the procedure. Restylane can help reduce or remove the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles in one’s facial appearance. This filler can also be used for chin, cheek, and / or lip augmentation. Unlike some injectable fillers, Restylane is a non-animal, biodegradable gel; meaning there is no risk of transmitting diseases, allergic reactions, or requiring a skin test before initial the treatment.

Restylane also lasts longer than other injectable fillers. Although the results are not permanent, the results of the Restylane treatment can last anywhere from six to twelve months, depending on the patient and the treated area. Results of wrinkle treatment can last from six to twelve months, while augmentation applications last about six months. Restylane has been very effective in treating individuals as more than a million people have received Restylane treatments in over sixty countries.

Take some time to view the essential facts about Restylane and gain a better understanding of this new procedure and what is involved in the treatment. These essential facts were based on the most frequently asked questions about the more popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Please consult with your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist for more detailed information on Restylane.

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