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Address Address: 40971 Winchester RD
Temecula, CA 92591
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Patient Comments

I can tell you how my husband reacted! I left the Retreat a day early, so when he got home from work, I was sitting in the den. As he walked through the door, he stopped and he looked at me and he got a great big grin on his face and he said yes, I t was worth you being gone ten days.
Eunice Downey Testimonial
Age: 62

Well I think that because Megan feels much better about herself, she has become a much happier person, which that in turn, has made me happier. It has added a bit more spice to our relationship and because we're having more fun, it has enhanced our relationship.
Ted Wolf (Husband of patient, Megan Wolf) Testimonial

I know this kind of thing costs money and I thought about it. I could have taken a cruise and spent the money, but what would I have to show for it after two weeks? I could bring back some photos and people would ask me if I had a good trip. I would say, oh yes I had a wonderful time. But I decided I was going to spend this money and invest it on myself. It was a great investment because I enjoy this everyday and it just makes me very happy!
Jenny Snelson Testimonial
Age: 84

I think the thing that impressed me, I won't say the most, but very strongly, was the time that I spent at the Retreat. The professionalism of the staff was more than I had hoped for and that is saying a lot in today's world, and the service that you get.
Helen Nichols Testimonial
Age 69
I've been divorced for about a year now so I'm in the dating game, I guess you'd say, and it seems like now when I go out, there are a lot more younger men that are talking to me and they will say something like, well gee you're about thirty-two right? Sometimes I just say yes, you're right!
Gayle Maxse Testimonial
Age: 44

One of the highlights when I came home from the Retreat was my twenty-one year old son. We hadn't told him I was going there, we were going to have this be a surprise and when he saw me, he said, oh mom, I can't believe it! It's weird, he said, you look so young. You look younger than you did when I was born! So anyway, it really was quite a thrill. It made me feel so good. And then I have a step-daughter and she couldn't stand the fact that her step-mother looked younger than she did and so she went to Dr. O'Neil. And now she looks fabulous too.
Muriel Ganzer Testimonial
Age: 60

I had the skin rejuvenation treatment at the O'Neil Center about eighteen months ago. I have a story which tells how strongly I feel and what a wonderful thing that happened to me. Shortly after having the treatment, I went out of state and attended a lovely luncheon with an attractive young man who was in his middle thirties and several times I was mistaken for a girlfriend. He is married, and so we got kind of a kick out of it. He did have the opportunity to introduce me, so he introduced me to this very large group saying, this is the most beautiful woman in the world, this is my mother.
Nadine McIntosh Testimonial
Age: 53

So the next thing I knew, I was signed up and I had the procedure done five years ago and I'm so happy I did it. I would recommend it to anybody.
Marye Pavloff Testimonial
Age: 67

It's such a wonderful, elated feeling when you see a younger "you". It's almost impossible, everyone I know who has gone through this wonderful process says the same thing, you just cannot convey the delight that you feel about having a nicer, prettier, lovelier skin Marge DePietro Testimonial
Age: 71

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