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Vincent Lepore, MD

Address Address: 2581 Samaritan Dr. suite 102
San Jose, CA 95124
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Telephone Telephone:
Fax Fax: (408) 356-4924
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Patient Comments

On this page we share just a few of the many comments and thank you's from satisfied patients. If you'd like to hear more from our patients about their experience with Dr. Lepore, we have additional testimonials available at our office.

From the start the entire staff is so warm and understanding. I say this because they understood I was nervous and they made me feel so taken care of. Jane and Debbie were very comforting to my family and Dr. Lepore was also amazing. From the front office to the surgery staff, I felt very cared for.


Nurse Debbie, Dr. Lepore and his staff have been exceptional during this experience. I will recommend this office in a heart beat.


I was very satified with the help provided by Jane and Debbie. Everything went fine and I am going to bring more friends to have surgery done here. Everyone is helpful.


All the staff and Dr Lepore are very professional and caring. The procedures are expalined in a very caring and understanding context. I felt well prepared in spite of my personal anxieties.


I really appreciated the staff throughout the entire experience, the care provided from the first visit to the follow up call after surgery was wonderful.


I really enjoyed being a patient of Dr Lepore's and his staff, especially on the day of surgery. Debbie and Jane are very nice and made me feel at ease.


All of the staff were very nice and helpful. I really enjoyed having my surgery there. Dr. Lepore was very very helpful and nice, and everyone was very helpful and caring.


Though I was a body builder 10 years ago, I had neglected myself in the recent years. ZERONA™ is what i needed to see results. ZERONA gave me the encouragement to get back into an excercise routine and better diet.


When I first learned about the ZERONA treatment, I was a bit reluctant to believe that I would see weight loss, overall body fat reduction and overall body slimming; but with this revolutionary method I have achieved since May 2010 to-date August 18, 2010 a total loss of 11.25 inches and 7.5 lbs.

The beauty of the ZERONA treatment is that it is non-invasive, it is applied in a relaxing environment and it allows you to go back to your daily activities without any discomfort or downtime. The best results were not immediate, but over time, with the proper diet, water intake, and daily exercise.

I am very pleased with the overall body contouring results.


Dear Dr. Lepore,
I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was so long overdue but so worth the wait. Thank you for your heartwarming bedside manner and great patience with all my questions. I hope that you like wine. This is one of my favorite wineries.

Thank you VERY MUCH!
I had my surgery done two months ago which included breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. Dr. Lepore performed my first surgery 19 years ago... The reason I went back to Dr. Lepore is because I loved my first surgery and I knew that he would do an excellent job again and sure enough he did excellent work. I am very happy with the results... I love my new look... People have told me that I look like a barbie doll.

Ladies, if you are looking for a good doctor, I recommend you give Dr. Lepore a visit and you will see how nice a gentleman he is and also the office staff are very professional and nice...The office is beautiful and also the operation room. Dr. Lepore is a top surgeon I would go back again in the future if I need other cosmetic surgeries.


I just wanted to contact you and let you know that you did my breast aug in August of 2004 and I am still to this day very happy with my results. they are very real looking and feeling. I went to my Doctor and he could not believe they were implants. Once again you did an awesome Job, I hope to see them in your photo gallery.

Lori S

A good staff is very hard to come by, but Dr. Lepore and Dr. Hoffman have done it. The staff at the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center are without a doubt the most caring, concerned, and professional staff I have ever met, and it saddens me to know that I will not be under their care anymore, but gives me great honor to have such a great success story, and that is all thanks to Dr. Lepore and his wonderful staff. Dr. Lepore and his staff have given me a second chance at a good healthy life and for that I am so truly blessed and I will never forget any of their kind words or generosity. Thank you to all that have helped me in my time at your office.

Lisa H.

Thank you so much for making the difference in me.


Hi Dr. Lepore,
Thanks for sending me those pictures. Those look so much different. I am very happy. Once again, thank you for taking good care of me.

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