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R. Morgan Davoudi, MD, FACS - Atlantic Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Address Address: 3855 Pleasant Hill Suite 460
Duluth, GA 30096
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Telephone Telephone:
Fax Fax: (770) 817-1110
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Patient Comments

Patient 1

I researched Dr. Davoudi’s work on his website and was truly amazed at the artistry and keen eye this man has for beauty. My first visit to his office clearly indicated the superb attention I received when I arrived.

At first, I embellished more fear than one could imagine, but once I spoke to Dr. Davoudi I knew I was in the good hands of a very special surgeon. I liked this Doctor immediately; he was right to the point and gently explained to me that the surgery would last about 2 hours. And… I was relieved to learn, being 58 years old and in good health I was able to have the surgery.

This is a surgeon with compassion and a high level of confidence in what he does. He and his staff simply put me at ease, and truly let me know they were there for me. I highly recommend this fine and confident surgeon.

As for the surgery? It was a breeze, and I did everything exactly as the doctor and his staff instructed, and my healing process was a piece of cake. I was up and shopping for new bras in just a few weeks. I was so elated over the new me, without the weight, headaches, and backaches, it was like a miracle come true.

Since my surgery, I have not suffered one ailment as indicated above. Even my clothes and jackets all fit like they’re supposed to, and… some were even too big. I did not count on that and I was totally delighted to experience this. My only regret is, I wish I had done the surgery sooner.

Dr. Davoudi literally changed my life. All throughout the process, I was taken care of in the utmost professional manner. Without any reservation, again, I highly recommend Dr. Davoudi and his staff for the incredible job they did to get me where I’m at today.

Patient 2

My results from tummy tuck, breast implants, and liposuction are awesome. After having two children and gaining many pounds, my body looked terrible. No matter what I did or didn’t eat, no matter how much I exercised, I could not lose the belly flab. I now have a tight abs and can wear clothes that show my belly. I am so pleased with the way I now look. My breast implants are the icing on the cake. I nursed my son for almost two years. My breasts were deflated. Now they are full and I look so much better in my clothes.

Dr. Davoudi is wonderful. I had been to three plastic surgeons and did not feel comfortable with any of them. From the moment I met Dr. Davoudi I knew he would be the one to perform my surgery.

Patient 3

The office is very cozy and comfortable with friendly staff. Dr Davouidi is a sweetheart and made me feel very relaxed but cautious about the procedure I was to have. He had asked me to loose a few pounds before my abdominoplasty so that I would look better after the procedure and he was right. Dr. Davoudi is proud of his work and will work with you to accomplish a beautiful body. He seems like a very busy doctor which is a good sign of a successful plastic surgeon. He is very friendly and guides you through the entire procedure until you are satisfied. I was very much worried about the cost- but I am glad that Dr. Davoudi did an awesome job on me.

Patient 4

I feel more confident now and happy to show my new figure. I was always the last in the picture because of my breast size. I can show myself and be the first in line.

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