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Sydney R. Coleman, MD

Address Address: 44 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013
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Patient Comments

"Dr. Coleman has done a wonderful job correcting cheek asymmetries that resulted from facial fractures using his fat grafting techniques. His superior perception of facial volume and topography and his exquisitely precise graft placement has resulted in a smooth, well balanced and supple result with grafts that have held their volume nearly 2 years post-operatively."

-- J.P., Medical Doctor

"I try to be thin. I exercise and try to eat healthy. No matter how hard I try, however, there are always places on my body that stubbornly likes to be pudgy. These places included my face and my thighs. Unfortunately, it's in my genes to have extra fat in those places and no matter how hard I fight to get rid of it, it would be there. Dr. Colemen saw such areas and attended to them. He got ride of unwanted fat that I myself could not. Now, I feel more beautiful because something unwanted is gone. It helps me to focus on the pretty parts of my body instead of worrying about what's ugly. I think it's wonderful that there are ways and people to help someone feel better, especially when it's something the person can't seem to fight on their own."

-- Dallas D., New York, Student

"I want to express how much I appreciate the wonderful people at Tribeca Plastic Surgery. It''s a pleasure to go there for my appointments - it's a warm and friendly atmosphere. Dr Saboeira has taken such good care of me, over and beyond the call of duty. Without her skilled and kind help I would be completely lost.

I recently returned to NY after cosmetic surgery in Brazil which resulted in a hemotomo outbreak on my neck, behind the ear and chin.

Large amounts of blood got trapped under my skin in the neck and chin area. I was numb, swollen and in pain. I felt and looked horrible. My doctor in Brazil started treating me but unfortunately I had to return to New York. He recommended that I see Dr, Saboeira. She welcomed me warmheartedly and fixed me up in no time. She carefully drained the blood and took out my stitches and the amazing thing was that I felt NO pain at all. I'm eternally grateful. After just 3 visits, I'm now starting to feel great and look good again and my neck and skin is healing up. Thanks once more for giving me such great care and attention. Now I know where to go and who to see if I want to look and feel better about myself."

-- S.H. M., New York

"I have had several facial fat grafting procedures with Dr.Coleman and have been extremely satisfied with the results. The fat has appeared to remain permanently over the years, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. The fat grafting procedures have given me a youthful, natural look. I also had fat grafting to increase the volume of the breasts, which turned out wonderfully as well. Dr. Coleman is a true artist, and an extremely professional and detail oriented surgeon. I wouldn't trust my face (or body) in the hands of any other cosmetic surgeon. Also, Dr.Coleman's staff are terrific and very professional."

-- Danielle, New York

"I believe that I was one of Dr. Coleman’s earliest Lipostructure patients, having had my first procedure in 1992. (although I don’t believe it was called Lipostructure then)

At the time, I was seeking an alternative to the traditional face-lift, which I had never viewed as an ideal solution to facial aging. Instinctively, I believed that facial aging needed to be addressed by something other than merely pulling the skin tighter. It seemed to me that something was needed to help restore the loss of tissue that gives the face its youthful contours and my sense was that the body’s own fat would be least likely to cause any kind of problem.

All well and good. Unfortunately, in 1992 the vast majority of procedures being done with fat were less than satisfactory. In fact, the collective thinking at the time was that “fat transfer reabsorbs unevenly and, in most cases, lasts no longer than collagen and is, therefore, not worth the extra time and trouble”.

But I’m not one to give up. After much research I found Dr. Coleman, who claimed that he had developed a technique to make permanent structural changes to the face using the body’s own fat. Essentially, he felt that his new “three-dimensional” approach offered a safer, more natural and aesthetically pleasing approach to facial rejuvenation. I took a big leap of faith, had the procedure, and happily discovered that all of his claims were true. I subsequently have had two more procedures from Dr. Coleman and wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else.

I’m in my early 60’s now and it’s been over 10 years since my last procedure. (I’m overdue for another one) Even still, noone ever comes close to guessing my age – all of which I attribute to Dr. Coleman’s artistry. I think that perhaps the added fat in my face has helped it retain some of its youthful “glow” that I note is not present in faces that have had the traditional face-lift. Whatever it is, I’m a very satisfied patient."

-- Joy B., New York

"My association with Dr. Coleman and his fat transfer process commenced in March 2000 after I had thoroughly researched various ways to enhance my thinning facial profile. As a 41 year-old professional fitness trainer I was concerned that I was becoming too skeletal looking but I did not want to opt for more traditional means such as a face lift or artificial fillers.

At the conclusion of my first engagement, I was initially quite swollen and bruised, nevertheless, within a few months I was pleased with the results and thankful that I was left without visual scars which are inherent in many alternate measures. I have returned to Dr. Coleman on two other occasions so that he could address secondary areas which have surfaced since my initial visit. During each process, I have been treated with the utmost professionalism as his staff is sensitive to both my emotional and physical needs and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that every question is answered and ever need addressed.

In sum, I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Coleman’s practice as he is a true professional who is dedicated to the intricate details that are presented by each and every patient."

-- CMD, Virginia

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