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Richard M. Levin, MD

Address Address: 1608 Lititz Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601
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Telephone Telephone:
Fax Fax: (717) 299-2655
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Patient Comments

My name is Maria. I have been lurking around on this website for several weeks. Just had my surgery Monday. I am 5 days post op all seems to be going well. Thrilled with the size, but secretly hoping that when they drop and fluff they increase a little bit! Anyway, just wanted to take the time to thank you for moderating such an amazing sight. I became so educated on this sight and the Q&A board has been such a blessing to me I can barely thank you enough. I would be googling and searching every concern I had for the past 5 days after surgery. This site sent me to my doctor with far more of an educated idea of what I was getting than I think many of girlfriends went in with. And now not being able to move my arms due to transaxillary incisions til Monday I'm here constantly reading, responding, and asking others. I am just so pleased. You have done a great service to all of us!! Thanks again for such quality and reputable info. I also found my doctor on your site. Dr. Richard Levin, Lancaster PA. Love him!!!

"The results of getting my breast enhancement has made me look and more importantly feel like a woman. My new curves has connected me with my own femininity. Shopping has never been so fun, not to mention the confidence I've gained knowing i'll look great in whatever I try on, especially in bras, bikini tops, and lingerie. Finally, no more padding!! My decision for getting breast implants are the best gift I've given myself and I love the natural results."

For anyone considering Breast Augmentations, I would highly recommend Dr. Levin. You are never too old. You will look and feel great.

I want to say Thank you to Dr. Levin, Barb and Sandy for all that you have done during my visits. All answered my questions very thoroughly. My decision was made when I read the testimonials and reviewed the photos. When I saw the difference, I knew I wanted to have the surgery done.

I would highly recommend spending the extra money and having silicone implants. They feel like the real thing. My husband can't get over how real they look and feel. I have been married over 25 years, and my husband was very supportive of my decision. I wish I would have done this 10 years ago!

Dr. Levin is a top notch doctor and I feel 100% comfortable with him.

"Thank you much for taking such great care of me! I am so very greatful for the beauty that you have created! A new form of confidence is born in me! Thank you very much. No amount of words can describe my happiness and gratitude."

Dear Dr. Levin,

I (we) wanted to say thank you, but felt it deserved more than just a card.

When my husband and I first started discussing the possibility of a tummy tuck, I was 39, had 2 teenagers, and had been going to the gym 3 days a week for years and hadn’t seen the results I was looking for. Giving birth to 10 pound babies had pretty much ruined my stomach muscles and the youthful appearance of my stomach. When I looked at myself in the mirror and remembered the figure I had, it was more than depressing. I hated looking this way and I hated the big clothes I had to wear and that I couldn’t look sexy for my husband, and no matter what “flattering” type clothing I put on! My mom was always quick with degrading remarks, which only made me feel even worse and even more self conscious than I already was. What sadden me even more, were the discussion with my husband, even though he was supportive of me and complemented me in other areas, was knowing he could fix or repair anything and everything, except me. For this, he would have to trust someone else. (This was hard for him). So, after a year of internal struggles, lots of tears and discussions, I decided it was time to take action. (This was not an easy decision for me to make.) Now the question was “who” would do the surgery? And how did I find the right doctor? It had to be someone who had experience, was certified, professional and hopefully had a sense of humor. I really wanted to find a doctor that I could connect with. I was scared to death, since I was sure that no-one could fix my stomach! I was certain they would send me home saying that nothing could be done. Happily, this was NOT the case!

The internet pointed us to many qualified doctors. A coworker recommend a doctor, however I thought it would be too awkward since I would have one of his children in class that year. Much consideration and prayer led us to your office. The credentials listed on your website showed you were experienced, and board certified. I first spoke to Barbara, who was pleasant and helpful on the phone. She answered my questions and made me feel at ease with making that all important first appointment. On Friday that week we went to meet Barbara. She took pictures and continued to answer our questions and address our concerns. After meeting her we were convinced we were heading in the right direction. If your nurse had been working for you for 20 years, you had to be trustworthy and a person of good character. I was so nervous I don’t remember much of the consultation with you, just that II felt more at ease about having the procedure after meeting you and that you were the right choice! You did an awesome job with my belly ~ it was a mess and you worked wonders. Every day my husband calls me gorgeous and tells me how sexy I am. He says I look better now than I did when I was 19 and we were getting married. (I think after 21 years his memory has gotten fuzzy – but that’s ok.) During each of my follow up visits, and I had many since my family worried a lot, about everything, you were always serious and professional. If my visits were an annoyance, you seemed to try hard not to let it show.

I was 40 when I had the operation and went into the hospital as a size 16. In less than six months I was down to a size 6. I can once again wear anything I want and look great in it. My husband has had a fabulous time buying me a new wardrobe for each season and occasion.

Thank you Dr. Levin for giving me my confidence and my figured back. I love the new me!! I would recommend you to anyone!!

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