September 2004
Volume 1 - Number 1

No Natural Beauties!


Ever think about taking part in a beauty contest? Had lots of plastic or cosmetic surgery?

If so, there is a must-attend event in November, 2004, in China.

It's known as The Miss Plastic Surgery contest because no natural babes need show up unless they just want to watch from the cheap seats. Open to women from all nations, The Miss Plastic Surgery Beauty Pageant is only for women who have gone under the knife to improve their looks

Girlz Just Wanna Have …..Botox Parties!

One of the latest fads in cosmetic surgery is the modern equivalent of coming out parties. Patients who want to show off their enhancements and new appearances are getting together to talk the talk and walk the walk about man-made beauty. Literally, walking the walk. Like on a catwalk!

According to the office of plastic surgeon Stephen Greenberg, M.D. in Long Island, New York, groups of happy patients from teens to retirees are going public at “Flaunt It!” shindigs wherein women of all ages are mounting the catwalks at fashion shows and strutting their newly enhanced stuff for friends, family and doctors who just sit back and admire their many good works...

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Jesse D. Mitchell, M.D.
Boob Camp Doc!

Beauty contests may be in the news a lot (link to Miss Plastic Surgery in China ) but they take all forms.

So here's another, on U.S. shores.

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