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Lip Reduction

Lip ReductionCurrent aesthetic trends place a lot of attention on celebrities and famous public personalities who sport large lips. Lip fillers and lip augmentation surgeries are among some of the most sought after cosmetic procedures.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are those individuals who have very large, prominent lips.  Lip reduction surgery provides a solution to large lips that appear to overwhelm other facial features, as well as a method for correcting lips that are uneven or deformed.

Considering Lip Reduction

"The main goal of lip

reduction surgery is to correct abnormalities and redefine the lip lines."

Cheiloplasty is the medical term for lip reduction surgery. Although a majority of individuals have cheiloplasty for purely cosmetic reasons, there are other grounds of why people receive lip reduction surgery. Excessively large lips may interfere with pronunciation and eating. Overly large lips may be the result of heredity or a congenital condition. The main goal of lip reduction surgery is to correct abnormalities and redefine the lip lines to balance the volume and protrusion of both the lower and upper lips. Matching the size of the lips to the overall facial features also plays a major role in determining how much surgical reduction is required to provide optimal benefits.

Surgical Reduction

Reducing the size of the lips is a surgical procedure. Cheiloplasty involves removing excess tissue from the lip area. The surgery is usually performed with local anesthesia, although an oral sedation may also be used to provide additional comfort and relaxation. The length of the surgery may vary, but most average about an hour. The incisions are made inside the mouth, reducing the risk of visible scarring. After removing the excess skin and tissue, the surgeon closes the incision using small sutures, often made from dissolvable materials.

What are the risks?

"Swelling is a common

side effect immediately following cheiloplasty. "

Swelling is a common side effect immediately following cheiloplasty. Although the swelling may last several days, it usually fades gradually over the following weeks. Bruising is also a common occurrence following this type of surgical procedure. As with other types of surgery, cheiloplasty poses potential risk factors, such as problems associated with anesthesia, excessive bleeding and loss of sensation in the treated area.

What is Recovery Like?

Pain medication can help control discomfort, although you may require a special diet to help minimize excess stress on the incisions while they heal. Your doctor may advise you to avoid strenuous activities and contact sports for several weeks. Some minimal swelling may persist for up to three months.

Things to Consider

Unless cheiloplasty is deemed medically necessary, be aware that your insurance company is unlikely to cover any costs involved with this type of cosmetic procedure. The price of lip reduction varies greatly, depending on your geographical location and the extent of surgery required to produce optimal results. Most cosmetic surgeries involving the facial features cost upwards of $2,000. An initial consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon will help answer your questions and concerns regarding cheiloplasty, as well as provide information regarding the fees your surgeon charges for performing this procedure. During the consultation, the surgeon will discuss your aesthetic goals and options. Having realistic expectations can help ensure a high level of satisfaction following this type of surgery.

What is the Cost of Lip Reduction?

The average price of lip reduction surgery is between $900 and $2000 in the US. The cost can be as high as $3,500 depending on the hospital and the region in which the surgery is performed.

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