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mesotherapy treatmentFor years many of us have wished that we could simply melt fat away, and circumvent demanding diets and exhausting exercise regiments. Now, with the advent of a revolutionary cosmetic surgery procedure known as Mesotherapy, the ability to melt fat away is now a reality. Developed by French doctor, Dr. Michel Pistor, in the mid 1950’s, Mesotherapy has recently gained added exposure and momentum as new applications are being developed and resulting outcomes are studied and documented.

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What is Mesotherapy and How is it Performed?

"The benefits associated with

Mesotherapy are instantaneous and are frequently compared to those offered by Liposuction."

In its most simple form, Mesotherapy uses customized microinjections of medications, amino acids, and vitamins that are administered into the mesoderm layer of the skin by a licensed medical provider. Mesotherapy injections target specific body areas and are used to treat a broad spectrum of illnesses, pain conditions and body contour issues. Mesotherapy’s cosmetic application treats various skin conditions such as acne, cellulite, stretch marks, scars and wrinkles. Additionally, Mesotherapy is frequently used to eliminate sagging skin of the face and neck, retard the progression of wrinkling, and rejuvenate complexions offering a more youthful appearance. Occasionally, Mesotherapy is used in conjunction with
Botox and/or Restylane to treat and reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, furrows, lines, etc. Another use of Mesotherapy is to effectuate weight loss by liquefying stubborn fat deposits that are seemingly invincible to dieting and exercise. As a result of Mesotherapy, the treated fat deposits are either utilized by the body as energy or are excreted.

More recently, Mesotherapy has been shown to successfully treat some forms of hair loss. Commonly referred to alopecia. This condition, which affects both men and women, may result from poor circulation, an improper diet as well as from the excess production of one of the body’s natural hormones - dihydrotestosternone. Mesotherapy has been shown to stimulate the body to naturally grow and replace lost hair.

The benefits associated with Mesotherapy are instantaneous and are frequently compared to those offered by liposuction (i.e., a more youthful and contoured appearance). Additionally, the microinjections of Mesotherapy circumvent invasive surgery and the associated recovery time. As such, Mesotherapy is considered relatively safe and most patients are able to resume daily activities immediately following treatment.

How Much Pain is Associated With Mesotherapy?

The microinjections associated with Mesotherapy are relatively painless. Based on various factors such as the patient’s skin type, the number of microinjections, etc., minor bruising may occur. These contusions typically disappear within a matter of days following the Mesotherapy treatment. Due to the non-invasive nature of Mesotherapy, no anesthesia, bandages, support girdles, etc., are necessary.

Who Would Best Represent an Ideal Candidate for Mesotherapy?

mesotherapyThere are several important factors one must consider in determining whether or not any cosmetic procedure, such as Mesotherapy, is an appropriate procedure for them. During the initial consultation visit with a cosmetic surgeon, it is recommended that one ask the surgeon if they are considered a good candidate for Mesotherapy. In determining one’s readiness for Mesotherapy treatments, the patient should:
  • Possess realistic expectations as to what Mesotherapy treatments can and cannot do
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be mature enough to fully understand the procedure
  • Be in relatively good physical and psychological health


How much does Mesotherapy cost?

"Typical Mesotherapy treatments

range from approximately $250 to $350."

As previously noted, Mesotherapy utilizes microinjections of customized compounds consisting of various medications, amino acids, etc. While the cost of Mesotherapy treatment varies depending of the number and types of compounds used within the injectible solution, typical Mesotherapy treatments range from approximately $250 to $350. Keep in mind; several rounds (i.e., typically 10 to 15) of Mesotherapy injections may be required to achieve the desired outcome. While consulting with your cosmetic surgeon regarding Mesotherapy, be sure to inquire as to the exact cost of the treatment and whether or not additional costs are involved.

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