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Ultrasound plays a major role in many medical applications, including diagnostic testing and therapeutic procedures. This popular form of sound imaging is now entering the high-tech realm of cosmetic enhancement therapies.

What Type of Ultrasound Provides Cosmetic Benefits?

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The Ulthera ® System is a patented type of technology created specifically for use in anti-aging therapy. Ulthera uses DeepSEE technology that combines the capabilities of both ultrasound imaging and therapy in a device designed to treat areas of soft tissue prone to premature aging. The apparatus contains multi-patient transducers that provide a high-resolution image deep within the tissue – as deep as 8mm beneath the surface of the skin.


What Areas are Treated?

"The ability to alter the depth

of the treatment is a major benefit when treating facial areas"

The primary use for Ulthera ultrasound at this time is as a treatment for the
eyebrow area, although new applications are being explored. The ability to alter the depth of the treatment is a major benefit when treating facial areas, due to the varying thickness of tissue across the facial plane.

How Does Ultrasound Therapy Work?

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Ultrasound provides a cosmetic effect on facial tissue by gently heating the cells below the surface of the skin. The deep warmth serves to tighten and lift loose, sagging tissue, creating skin that appears tauter and resilient, similar to that of a younger individual. In addition to this visible effect, Ulthera treatments also encourage the underlying tissues to form more collagen, the substance that keeps skin looking fresh and firm.

"Aging eyes tend to look

smaller as the area surrounding
the brows loses its resilience
and begins to droop."

Ulthera therapy that focuses on the eyebrow region helps to counteract the effects caused by the pull of gravity and the passing of time. Aging eyes tend to look smaller as the area surrounding the brows loses its resilience and begins to droop. Ulthera helps to reverse this normal sign of aging by tightening the tissues and reducing the excess amount of skin above the eye area. This non-invasive process makes the eyes appear to open wider, giving this area of the face a refreshed, rejuvenated look.


What Should I Expect?

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An Ulthera session, known as Ultherapy, generally lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. Although most patients notice some immediate advantages, the optimal benefits usually take about two to three months to occur. This change takes place as the body produces new collagen.

Unlike some non-invasive cosmetic procedures, Ulthera requires no downtime. Most people require just one session to obtain noticeable benefits. Although Ulthera will not stop the aging process or take the place of a traditional facelift, this form of ultrasound therapy can help rejuvenate the eye area by reducing the appearance of loose, saggy skin and droopy eyebrows.


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