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Stories of cosmetic and plastic surgery patients - told in our own words -- are often very emotional because a person's life and self-image are being improved, often, for the first time.

When a woman has cosmetic surgery, it seems like she suddenly finds herself with, say, smoother, less wrinkled skin or -- thanks to liposuction -- fitting into clothes that were impossible to wear before. In almost all cases, some unattractive or troublesome area of the woman's face or body is taken away. Imagine how you would feel, being suddenly more alluring in your own, and others' eyes. We bring you these narratives so you'll more fully understand the depth of emotion, the worries and, sometimes, the frustrating and painful road to recovery and a more attractive person.

And while the accounts you read here may tug at your heart strings, bear in mind most cosmetic procedures are serious surgeries. The lesson? If you are motivated to consider a cosmetic procedure after reading one of these stories, remember that going under anesthesia and surgery always carry some medical risk. So carefully study any procedure in which you are interested and carefully chose your practitioner and his background.

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My Breast Augmentation Story
Date Posted: 8/26/2004

"Many people ask me why I chose to have a breast augmentation! This is why I have decided to share my story with women who are contemplating and researching this procedure! I was 22 years old when I started to look into breast augmentation as an answer to my awkward breasts! I was so uncomfortable in a bathing suit ..." more >>

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