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A New Smile

If you hesitate to smile, Veneers are your answer! Since I was a child my two front incisors were deformed! I always felt awkward smiling, and I would try to cover my top teeth with my upper lip! It wasn’t until after college that my dentist offered me a solution to my insecurity. I had no idea that it would be so easy to fix!

The dentist showed me some before and after photos of teeth he had fixed with veneers, and I was amazed! The results looked very natural! I was very anxious to get the results that I saw in his photo album!

At the first appointment the dentist had to shave down the two teeth that I was having repaired, and then made a mold of my mouth. The mold would then be sent away to a company that would make two porcelain caps that would fit over the deformed teeth! The construction of my new teeth would take two weeks!

I felt a little weird walking around for two weeks with my two front teeth shaved down to practically nothing, but I tried to focus on what the end result would bring. As soon as my new veneers arrived at my dentist’s office, they called me to schedule my second appointment.

The new teeth (veneers) were simply slipped over my existing “ugly” teeth. They were secured with a special type of cement that was dried with UV light! The entire procedure was absolutely PAINLESS with no numbing injections necessary.

One of the issues that I was concerned about regarding this procedure was if the color of my new teeth would match my existing teeth! I did not want my new veneers to be obvious! The Dentist informed me that the veneers are ordered based on a color chart that is matched to the patient’s teeth! Patients are also given the option to have all of their teeth bleached, and then to have the new teeth made extremely white! I opted to use over the counter whitening strips for 2 weeks before the dentist made a match for my new teeth!

Once the veneers were in place, the dentist was still able to manipulate the color of the veneer by painting over it with a special solution! This technique allowed the Dentist to be extremely accurate when matching my existing color! My dentist allowed me to watch with a mirror, and tell him when I felt that the color of the Veneer was a perfect match!

The result that I saw after the Veneers were in place was awesome. It has been so nice to smile with confidence. My teeth look completely natural, and I don’t have to worry about staining them with coffee, tea, etc! My dentist did inform me that the average life of a veneer is about 10-15 years! If opening packages with teeth, and chewing hard objects like ice are avoided, the Veneers can last for quite some time!

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