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My Breast Augmentation Story

Many people ask me why I chose to have a breast augmentation! This is why I have decided to share my story with women who are contemplating and researching this procedure!

I was 22 years old when I started to look into breast augmentation as an answer to my awkward breasts! I was so uncomfortable in a bathing suit, and felt very unhappy when I looked at myself in the mirror. Besides my breasts, I was very happy and confident with my body. I decided to research the procedure, and to hold onto the thought for a while before rushing into a procedure that would ultimately change my body forever.

A year later, I had graduated college and was happily married, but I still had a strong desire to have a breast augmentation. My husband insisted that I was fine just the way I was, but it did not matter how others perceived me, it was a personal choice, one that I had been contemplating for some time. I decided to go to a consultation, after all it was free!

Living in California, I decided that I might as well try out the best... So I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Robert Rey in Beverly Hills. I was very nervous as I sat in the waiting room. I kept running through all the reasons why I wanted the procedure, and tried to think of reasons why I should reconsider.

My consultation with Dr. Rey exceeded all my expectations! His office staff was more than accommodating, and Dr. Rey was amazing! The consultation lasted a little over an hour. It began with Dr. Rey introducing himself and his assistant to me in the patient room. I was able to tell Dr. Rey why I was unhappy with my breasts, and what I expected from the procedure if I was to go through with it! I also voiced my concerns about the procedure and the recovery. Dr. Rey was so patient and helpful in answering all of my questions. I never felt like he was rushing me out of his office!

After having a discussion with the Doctor, he then began to examine my breasts and take some measurements. He agreed with me that my breasts were a bit asymmetric and saggy for my age! At 23 I felt that I deserved to have perky breasts of average size! Who knew that a full A cup could actually get saggy!! I was living proof!

The examination was followed by more discussion in Dr. Rey's personal office. It was here that he showed me TONS of pictures of previous breast augmentations and lifts that he had performed. He showed me pictures of girls that were comparable to my height and weight, and the results that each of them had with the different size implants. I was also able to look at and feel a variety of different implants, and to compare different sizes! Dr. Rey explained to me the differences between saline, silicone, high profile, textured implants, smooth implants, etc! It was like implants 101! I had no idea there were so many options to accommodate different expectations!

I was very happy with the way in which Dr. Rey took so much time with me as an individual, to educate me and make sure that I was ready to undergo the procedure. I had no idea that I would be ready to schedule a surgery date the same day as my consultation, however, I was very confident in my decision to go ahead with the procedure, and did not want to delay any further. I scheduled my surgery to be in three weeks, signed all the paper work, and left a deposit.

About a week after I had scheduled my surgery date, Dr. Rey’s office contacted me and confirmed the implant size that I had chosen, and made sure that I understood all of the pre-op instructions. It was very impressive to me how thorough Dr. Rey was! I was instructed on which vitamins and medications I should avoid 2 weeks prior to surgery, and even instructed on what my diet should be rich in to ensure maximum recovery! I was also given an order to have blood work done to ensure my health prior to surgery. In addition, Dr. Rey had written a prescription for the post op meds so that I could get them before the procedure. I was very excited, and had no reservations.

The night before the surgery the nervous stomach kicked in!! I spent hours in front of the computer looking at before and after pictures on Dr. Rey’s website. I was scared about the size that I had chosen! Was it too big? Was I really brave enough to go through with the procedure? Would it hurt? I am sure that these thoughts run through the minds of many women the night before the procedure! Before I went to bed, I took one last look at myself in the mirror, and said goodbye to my insecurities.

I arrived at the Beverly Hills sunset surgery center 1 hour prior to schedule. I was again greeted by a very pleasant staff and was instructed to fill out some more paper work. I was then taken back into the pre op area where a nurse assigned me a locker to keep my belongings. She got me changed into a gown, took my vital signs, and started me on an IV. Dr. Rey then greeted me. He again explained to me what was going to happen, and confirmed the size implants that I was going to receive. He took photographs of my breasts, and used a surgical pen to draw on my chest. While he was marking on my chest, he was making detailed measurements and explaining to me where my breast would be after the surgery (since I was having a lift as well). He also took time to explain to both my husband and I what would be necessary after the operation. He went over which medications I would need to take, and for how long. He explained to me that there would be drains at the incision site that would need to be emptied, and he made sure that my husband new how to do so. He told us which number to call if I experienced any complications, and made sure I understood that I was to come back to his office 2 days post op! Dr. Rey was so pleasant, informative, and patient, that it was hard to feel nervous around him! He made me feel very comfortable!

After Dr. Rey was done with measurements and surgical markings, the anesthesiologist greeted me! He explained to me his role in the surgery, and assured me that I wouldn’t feel a thing, and that I would be well medicated after the procedure to ensure minimal discomfort during recovery. Again I was so impressed that every person on Dr. Rey’s team was so personable! Everyone took time to give explanations and to discuss their role. It was very comforting!

The last thing I remember before I woke up was talking and laughing with the anesthesiologist! I could not believe that the procedure was over! My husband was at the side of the bed when the nurse woke me up. I felt very groggy, and slightly nauseated, but I felt very little pain. I guess I was in recovery for about three hours before I was able to go home, but I don’t remember much about the time I left the hospital to the time I woke up in my own bed!

Even at home I felt very little pain! I was very sleepy and probably slept through the next two days. Before I knew it, it was time to go back to Dr. Rey’s office to remove the drains! At this time I still had not seen or touched my new breasts! They were wrapped and taped, and I was too sleepy to be curious at this point! At Dr. Rey’s office however, I became very interested and excited!

At the office he explained to me that my breasts would be bruised, swollen, and far from the finished product that I would see in the weeks to come. However, despite the bruises and the swelling, I was still very happy with the results! I thought to myself, “if he thinks this is bad, I can’t wait to see what the end product looks like!” Before I left the office at my first post op appointment, Dr. Rey gave me a sheet of paper with four pictures on it. It was a hand out on what to expect the weeks following the operation. It showed how the breast go from high placement, and swollen, to a more natural shape and size. It was very informative regarding the changes that would be occurring. He also scheduled me for another post op appointment at which he would remove my stitches, and also suggested that I order special bandages to place on my incisions to minimize scarring!

After weeks of following Dr. Rey’s orders, massage instructions, and attending regular check up appointments, I was able to see the final product! I was so happy with the results; they had exceeded my expectations immensely! I was so excited to shop for new bras and bikinis! All of my clothes fit better! I was thrilled with my new body!!

It has now been a little over a year since my breast augmentation and, because Dr. Rey is so thorough, he had me come in for a one year post op visit just to check up on me! Everything has been going wonderfully! I can’t even remember what my breast looked like before! My scars are not even visible! Dr. Rey did such a great job at matching my body type to my implants! They look very natural! I am 5’9” and weigh 138lbs. Dr. Rey advised me to go with 500cc implants! Let me tell you, I was petrified to go that big! All the pictures on the Internet were of girls with 300 to 350cc and they looked normal to me! The girls I saw with 500cc implants looked huge! Dr. Rey assured me, that with my height, 500cc would be perfect! He was right! I am currently a 36 C and couldn’t be happier! I still do all of the things that I used to do, including running, which I was concerned about before the surgery! Having the breast augmentation done was a fantastic experience! I would definitely do it all over again! Especially with Dr. Rey! He gave me an amazing experience!

The advice that I would give to women seeking this procedure: make sure it is you who is making the decision to have a breast augmentation! It is a very personal decision, and it should be made for the right reasons! Do your homework by researching a qualified plastic surgeon, and make sure you see lots of pictures reflecting the work that your doctor has done so you know what to expect! Good luck in your decisions!

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